What Is Your Color Palette?

(another new find from TJX)

As  I walk around our "new-to us" house, I see bits and pieces of the old colors used at our previous house. Four years ago when we moved into that house, it screamed to keep the green, red and gold going and I did.

Living room, kitchen and master bedroom were blended with these jewel-toned colors.

Now in this house, I am done with red and gold. The green has changed to a lighter, blue-ish spa green. We've painted the master bath and will blend it into the bedroom area.

But then I bought these wonderful summer eat-outside plastic plates. I
love them! I also found placemats to match a few months ago on the
clearance rack at Target.

During my last shopping spree on mom's day out, I found these perfect green & blue towels. This drawer makes me happy every time I open it!  Good-bye red towels.

So how to incorporate this fresh palette into the living room, which still has the brown-green-red furniture?

I wish I could just paint the red flowers to a shade of blue-green!

I love these new colors and want to put various shades of them in every room!

I'm even wearing more blues lately, too! Speaking of blue...
Alexis at NorthOnHarper is talking Denim, and Carly, Lisa and Shinjini are talking
Dreams, Decisions and Do-Overs. Go check out these other great blogs!

So I'm curious, what is your current color palette?

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Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

I love the combination of blue and green!!! Something very fresh about it.

Why not slipcover the sofa?

Katie said...

I agree....blue and green, very relaxing.

Nan said...

Alexis, I've been looking and looking for the right slipcovers. No go. We have T cushions and separate back cushions. And I really want the back cushions covered separately - most covers are one piece to cover the whole sofa. Buying new sofas is an option, but I really like the bones of our sofas: sturdy & dirty: sturdy for the kids playing and thick fabric to hide dirt! I will keep looking...

Sharon @ Decorating is bliss.com said...

I love the beach sign Nan!! :)

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