Kids Beach & Sea Bath Progress

I've been working on the kids' bathroom to create a beach and sea theme. First... I am NOT an artist, so please be kind in evaluating what you see! But, overall I think it will turn out ok.

Before from previous owners:



Week in Review - Ups & Downs

So how are you all doing? Working on projects while tackling real life? I hear you sista! I want to share a few personal things that keeps our life here hectic, crazy and cute!

First, a serious medical situation that I hope will save you from tons of pain if you should ever experience it. Kidney stones. Yup, I recently had one so LISTEN UP -


Tuesday's Nursery Ideas Hop

Well, welcome back to Tuesday's Nursery everyone! Can you believe it's November 1st already? I hope everyone had a great Halloween and have caught up on room decor. 

With the holidays close upon us, let's make a big push to start, progress or finish those rooms we've been dragging on. I'll show you minimal progress on our kids' bathroom and hope to have it complete by the next Tuesday's Nursery Hop, December 6th. What challenge will you give yourselves? Tell me in a comment. Now a look back at the previous linky....

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