DIY: A Valuable Skill Or A Curse?

The Do It Yourself craze is alive and well, and most likely here to stay. With HGTV and the original "Trading Spaces" on TLC fueling our inner creativity, the blogging world is ablaze with diy project ideas, Pottery Barn knock-offs and the frugal frenzy.

There is a never-ending desire to fulfill the  "what can I create from nothing?"  Or from this worn out, peeling paint, half rotten...thing?  Every week we take our latest garage sale purchase, grab the camera and go nuts to our hearts desire!  Sand, click...paint, click....glue, click.... and then post our creations on several weekly diy show-off blog parties. Definitely lots of skill!


New Windows In My World!

(siding will be yellow or gray)

Well, we finally have new windows! We did half this year and will do the rest next year. No, not so glamorous like new lighting or furniture. But I can't tell you the satisfaction of going from old dark, sticky, drafty wood windows to new whites!


Child's Handprint Art

If  you have a baby or if your child is under five, this is a MUST-DO!

Randi at Dukes and Duchesses, shared this "growing handprints" keepsake and
 wall art. It's a treasured idea she found in the Martha Stewart archives.


Recent Frugal Finds

Here is a collection of great items I found recently at yard sales and a festival:

I LOVE this vase!
And nothing to do with it costing 50cents!


Good Year Blimp Landing!

We had a surprise visit from the GoodYear Blimp recently! I'm sure many of you
have seen it in person at sporting events. I have only seen it on tv, so this
was another once in a lifetime event!

If you've seen it in person, you probably didn't see it like this - with little
else around, few people and it only 200ft away! And remember, this is special
event #2 in one day! (The other was the Osprey Nest.)

Quite a nose-dive coming in for landing!


Osprey Bird & Nest

This is way off topic, but so worthy of posting. There is an Osprey nest nearby and I was fortunate to get these photos. I have never seen an Osprey bird or its incredibly huge nest and I may never again!

A once in a lifetime event!

Osprey nests typically are found on telephone poles and other elevated places.

Featured Designer: Diane Henkler

Isn't this fan a delight?
Seriously, why have those boring brown blades and brass casing?
Fan manufacturers could learn something here....

This colorful fan is the genius work of Interior Designer Diane Henkler. If you're not familiar with Diane's work, you MUST visit her blog, In My Own Style.

I am always so impressed with the creative ideas Diane comes up with! She is the queen of diy projects - yes, she even cuts her own wood with her table saw! And as you see below, she takes a typical diy project and adds flair...


BIG Things Thursday!

10 - by - 10!
That's 10,000 page views by June 10th!!
Please spread the word TODAY so I hit 10,000 page views by end of the day TODAY!
Help Me.
Help me help you.
(Jerry Maguire...)

And more BIG news:


Ribbon Nursery Mobile

Is this not the cutest. thing. ever????

Mrs. J, as she affectionately calls herself, at Modern Wivelyhood created this super cute mobile.

I love the colors and how it is facing the baby in the crib. Is it me or have you also noticed that most mobiles are not designed for the baby to look at from the crib?  This is genius! But we must give credit where it's due.... Mrs. J designed this from a Pottery Barn mobile she saw.

Wordless Wednesday

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Nostalgic Big Boy Room

This big boy room is by Amy from Tulip and Turnip. She decorated this room
using things from the present and things from the past to create
a "camping" theme.


Little Girly-Girl Rooms

Super cute creative ideas for your little girl's room!

girls bedroom traditional kids

Adding a cornice over the closet makes this room unique!

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