End of March: Goodbye Christmas Wreath!

Spring wreath!

I know, I know...I should not even admit it. I'm just taking down the Christmas wreath. I had no intention of leaving it up for sooo long! All other holiday decorations were put away by end of January.  Why the wait?

 I started with this store bought springy wreath.
40% off at JoAnn's!

If you've been reading this blog, you may know by now that we moved 6 months ago.
And being the de-clutter queen I've become,
I donated all house decorations prior to the move. Also, in our previous house,
I did not do seasonal wreaths because of the style of house.

Christmas decor in March. Nice.
It did look really nice with snow!

There is a (how do I say this nicely?) non-appealing port-hole bathroom window near the door.
It will be changed out sometime... for now, I'm covering it a bit.

Step one done. (I know we can still see the window.)

I bought the wreath on my rockin' mom's day out and added
blue & yellow flowers. I have the makings for another spring decoration
for near the door - bye, bye blue Santa - but that's for another day! Enjoy spring...

It snowed this morning.

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Kathy said...

very cute wreath! I love the way wreaths look on houses. Come to think of it I should put my own spring wreath up!

Brandy J. said...

I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I love the wreath and the way you added the little flowers. Super springy and fabulous!!

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