The Pricing of Children's Performances

I just looked up information on a children's performance group. This group has a tv show and I thought it would be fun to go see it on stage. Actually, in the past few years I've inquired on a few performances: Barney, Bob the Builder and now Imagination Movers.

You can certainly call me cheap, because I often am, but I'm astonished at the prices to go to these performances! The going rate on these tickets in my area is $60. I checked other locations and the lowest I found was $50 for the nose-bleed section. For that reason, we have never taken the kids to the stage to see Barney or George.

There is a very specific target market for these shows: kids aged 2-10. And it's not just one 5 year old kid hopping in a car and driving himself to the theater. There's at least one parent so the total will be over $100 for two hours of in-person entertainment.

Now, let's say there are more persons in the family. A family of four, whether it's two adults and two kids or one adult and three kids, is spending a jaw-dropping $200 at the very least! That's no food, no drinks, no toy and no parking fees. I could take my family for two days of skiing, hotel and two meals for this price.

To me, it's insane! I fully understand the laws of supply and demand; these are the prices because we parents are willing to pay them. I truly have no idea the associated costs to open, run and clean a huge venue. And if it warrants these prices, so be it. I just can't figure out the willingness to pay these prices.

My husband works hard and we have a descent income, higher than the average middle income according to the government.  I realize it's all choice, but if we find it overly expensive at our income, how do families making less afford to go to these? Again, I'm cheap and for certain things, I just have a limit. I'm not judging, I'm questioning. Just sayin'.

So I'm wondering have you taken your kid(s) to these and was it worth it?
Do you think these prices are ridiculous?

Other thoughts, ideas?

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Trisha said...

OHHH I so agree with you!! You have to take out a small loan just to see a show with the kids!! When the girls were 2&5 we took them to a Sesame Street show. We did a early day show to keep the price low. Other than that one,we took them to a Disney on ice show. Fun but I'd rather save the $ to go back to Disney then spend an arm & a leg to see show :)

Ms Bibi said...

I do agree. My boys are 8 and 14 so we are almost over that hump and kind of lucky to be living in a small town.

We did and do try to take the boys to few performances and it ALWAYS comes with a hefty price tag. Then after you sell your first born for the tickets you need to take out a loan for the merchandise inside.

That is where I draw the line. I could never understand all those people spending so much money on worthless items that will be broken by the time they get home. Who spends $20 on Wiggles shirt when you can buy it at retail store for $5?

To answer your question if it was worth it...every show I took my kids to they enjoyed very much so I guess in the end it was, but I am very picky about the shows I take them to.

If I'm going to spend so much money they have to absolutely love the performers.So far it worked.

AmberFaith said...

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Amateur Mommy said...

i find those prices insane!

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