When Your Dog Is Dying

The sudden death of Sweet Missy has rattled me like no other pet passing. She was MY girl. We had a soulful connection. She wasn't just a dog, she was a full member of our family. I wrote this post the day before her last day.


Expectations of Designers and Home Decor

Thank you HGTV for showing us how to have perfectly designed homes on a budget, a renovation done in a weekend and how homes should be staged. Even though Bob Villa and Norm Abram (This Old House) showed us remodeling decades ago, it was Paige Davis who made us stay in on Saturday nights to watch Trading Spaces. I wonder what she's doing now....


Girls Bedrooms

Get creative decorating ideas from these girl's bedroom designs!

Notice the white picket fence on the wall.....


Birchbox Wall Decor

all 3 on wall

Here's a fab tutorial on converting a Birchbox box to a super cute canvas! Lianne at A Content Housewife blog created this DIY project for a nursery. 

She started with the boxes from Birchbox or you could use any shoe box type box. Click on the link to find out what Birchbox is....


Kids Bedding Deals 9/18

Super cute kids bedding deals for toddlers & kids from Totsy & Olive Kids....

Frog Carrying Case with Blanket
Blanket & carrying case for $5. And here's a froggy chandelier to match.

They also have a monkey and a pink kitty.   

(keep reading, there's a surprise at the end of the post!)

Vintage Big Girl's Nursery Room

 From baby girl nursery to big girl bedroom.... a perfect transition room!

Brooke at Design Stash (love her blog name!) updated her 
daughter's room with subtle changes.... 


Boys Bedroom & Nursery Accessories

Lots of busy moms lately! Here is a collection of DIY projects for boys
(or girls!) bedrooms and nurseries.

Transportation quilt......
Click above to head over to Kimbo's site for a great tutorial on how to make this. Next, we have



Playroom Accessories Deals 9/12

Get these super cute deals from Fab.com! 
All are $18.50 except the ladybug target below which is $15.50 by Etna.



Gender Neutral Nurseries 2

Blue, green, beige, grey and greige! Many of you have searched for more gender neutral nurseries, so here you go... and I had to add in a pop of color for the last!


Calming Mom Cave

This is another room I'm calling done, my office/mom cave! There are a few things I still need to change to truly be 100% done, but who's looking? When you have an entire house that needs re-doing, and it's all DIY, getting rooms to 90% is pretty good!


Re-Designing Myself, My Blog & Motherhood

Anyone approaching a milestone birthday? I am. Not for another year but it's already looming like a dark cloud rolling along the plains headed straight for me. Some days it moves slow and other days it seems like it will be here tomorrow! Time for a re-design of myself, my blog and my approach to motherhood.


Colorful DIY Details Big Boy Room

Trucks, trains, color and lots of DIY projects are in this room! 
Lizzie at Pretty City Things recently finished decorating her son's 
big boy room and I'm pleased to share it with you.... 


Five Tips Friday - Laundry!

This week's Five Tips are contributed by Joy at Pardon My Poppet........

If you're like me, you probably have some aspects of laundry day that you downright dislike. To start with, I hate sorting laundry, and used to just throw everything in together. But I noticed that my whites would end up dingy as they absorbed dye from the garments they


Master Bath Makeover

Over the winter we did the final touches on our master bath makeover. Even though there are still a few minor touches left, I'm calling it done!

All the cabinets were standard oak stained and since this bathroom may be gutted in our grand 5 year plan, we didn't want to spend any extra money. So we just painted what's there. I'm a white trim gal! 



Five Tips Friday - Host A Successful Yard Sale

You've got the junk. Now what?

Hosting a garage or yard sale can be both a fun and daunting task. Fun that you meet new people, chat with your neighbors and yet you spend the prior days pricing and then an entire day(s) waiting for people to come and buy everything so you can make money. Anyone will tell you it's a lot of work and they did 'ok' making money, but they didn't sell as much as they thought they would.

Is it worth your time and effort?

Orange Big Boy Room

This contemporary big boy bedroom is by Rachelle from 

I'm loving the large orange accent!

What's so amazing is that

Fun Kids Decor from Fab.com

Playable Studio is the only decor company featured this week at Fab.com, but what a creative idea for furniture! 

Playable Studio makes furniture kids CAN play on!

Notice the side table in above photo turns into this....


I'm A Gardening Cheat!

Are you behind in your gardening this year?

Every year my answer is "Yes!"  Usually, the process went something like this:


Sports Themed Kids Bedrooms

It's summer and time for baseball, bicycling, basketball, horseback riding
 or whichever sport gets your kids moving.....


Fun Kids Decor from Fab.com

It's that day of the week again and time for special deals from Fab.com! Let's see what what's good....

From Zuny - super cute doorstops and bookends......

Perfect for the safari bedroom! Add a safari light, too! 

Cheap Myrtle Beach Vacation Review

Hey all! We just got back from a cheapy vacation to Myrtle Beach and thought I'd share some tips, tricks & a surprise. We got a great deal on a flight with Allegiant Air. I cannot say enough about how easy it was! Yay for non-stop flying once again! 

Click here to go back to the Allegiant Air home page
But - big but -


Children's Nursery Lights

Decorating your nursery or child's room is one of the most enjoyable rooms to do. Let your creativity run with all the options in bedding, wall decor and lighting. What lighting? "There's already a light in the room."  Do you mean the flat mount dish from the 70's?


Fun Kids Decor from Fab.com

I recently found a discount site for super fun kids' decor. Fab.com specializes in colorful, hip, vintage or boldly contemporary designs - anything FUN! Every Wednesday all kids' items go on sale and I will high-light  my favorite decor picks.

Fabulous wall art from Lex Modern.....

for the girl's room:


New Children's Chandelier Lights!

Well, hello there! I hope you all have been happy, healthy blogging maniacs while I've been off. You'll all have to bring me up to date on your news! Taking the time has allowed me to focus on opening FuzzyUps!™, my children's light business on etsy - Playful Decor Shop! 

OK, I can't resist..... here's a sneak peek.....

           for the girly-girl.....



Painting the Kids' Beach & Sea Bath

How to paint a mural without being an artist. Still a work in progress....

(the outlet and hook will be changed out!)

As I've enjoyed a long, unplugged break, I'm still working on the kids' bath mural. You can see the original bath we had to deal with and read about the first part in this post. I still need to add more detail to the sandcastle.

Here are some details I thought I'd share on how to paint without being an artist...

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