Merry Christmas!

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 
I will return after the holidays.

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Tuesday's Nursery Ideas Hop

As promised, I used this party as a goal to work on my kids' bathroom and YAY! we have progress! Here is the full post.  Or scroll down below. I'm hoping to be done or mostly done by our next party, January 3rd.

Here's a look back at the previous party:

Jenn from The Real Housewives of Riverton received the most clicks when she asked for help in her boys' room:
(Jenn, do you have an update on your decision?)

Kristine from The Painted Hive showed us her stunning nursery reveal:

Laura from Corner House Blog made these bunkbeds - read her tutorial:

Sally from Love of Homes redesigned her tween daughter's room with lots of DIY ideas:

Please go visit these awesome ladies and give them some comment love!

If you are .....

            *  Planning a nursery
            *  Updating a tot, tween or teen room
            *  Making products for kids' rooms
            *  Creating a DIY knock-off item
            *  STUCK and REALLY NEED HELP

                                       .... this is the place for you!

You may link up a new or older post of ideas for planning a nursery, teen room painting progress, awesome items you've found for a big boy room, before & after photos or especially, if you need help. Just write "Need help with...." in the name section for the linky.

Playful rules:

 1. Read description above.

 2. Follow this blog. (or please stumble, tweet or like this blog!)
 3. Add text link or button to anywhere on your blog. 
 4. Visit your linky neighbors - that's what this is all about right?

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Kids Beach & Sea Bath Progress

I've been working on the kids' bathroom to create a beach and sea theme. First... I am NOT an artist, so please be kind in evaluating what you see! But, overall I think it will turn out ok.

Before from previous owners:



Week in Review - Ups & Downs

So how are you all doing? Working on projects while tackling real life? I hear you sista! I want to share a few personal things that keeps our life here hectic, crazy and cute!

First, a serious medical situation that I hope will save you from tons of pain if you should ever experience it. Kidney stones. Yup, I recently had one so LISTEN UP -


Tuesday's Nursery Ideas Hop

Well, welcome back to Tuesday's Nursery everyone! Can you believe it's November 1st already? I hope everyone had a great Halloween and have caught up on room decor. 

With the holidays close upon us, let's make a big push to start, progress or finish those rooms we've been dragging on. I'll show you minimal progress on our kids' bathroom and hope to have it complete by the next Tuesday's Nursery Hop, December 6th. What challenge will you give yourselves? Tell me in a comment. Now a look back at the previous linky....


Pinterest Playrooms

Let your imagination roll: some are over-the-top, some are realistic and some are super cool! Enjoy!

What to do with a basement.....



Halloween Giveaway - Win Cash!

Welcome to the Monster Mash Cash Bash, a sweepstakes that is full of ghoulishly good prizes! This event is being hosted by Crunchy Frugalista and Money Savvy Michelle to ensure you have a howlingly good Halloween this year!


Re-Upholstering A Chaise

Well, hi everyone! I hope you all have had a good week; busy I'm sure! This week was focused on organizing for winter and scouting Craigslist for awesome frugal finds!

I needed a chair - a relaxing chair - for my new office and another storage cabinet or two and doors for the closet and room door. I found four glass-pane doors so two will go on the closet - it's 48 inches wide and had mirrored bi-folds before. I'll use the other two for other closets.

Here's my super duper $15 frugal find:


Decorating With Maps

I've seen a trend happening - everyone wants to travel! Or pretend to travel. Or show where they have traveled. Let's look at some creative ways to decorate with maps.....

Feathered Nest, LLC contemporary kids


Kool Kids' Playhouse & Decor On Sale!

This is neat and I thought some of you would like to know. There's only one day left to buy this reversible playhouse that you & the kids can decorate!

 I think it would be great for a Christmas present - if you can wait that long - or get it now for those cold blustery November days just ahead. Available from OpenSky.

Reversible Playhouse by Easy Playhouse


Office Update - New Carpeting!

Yes, I have new carpeting in the office! My apologies for the lack of kids' decor this week as we focus on trying to finish the office, open my light biz and then I can start working on re-doing my guys' rooms and bath.

I'm still working on furniture and decor for the office, but here is the update:

old black carpet comes out:


Tuesday Notes

Well, did you all have a great long weekend? We did! We had fun family days including the local corn maze, getting a piano, an excursion and a boat tour in a city and hosted a neighborhood party. Lots of fun!

A bit of a change here,
I'm moving Tuesday's Nursery to the FIRST Tuesday 
of the month. The next time I'll see all your wonderful kids' decor will be 
Tuesday, November 1st.


5 Tips For Starting A Business & A Winner!

I am so pleased to introduce you to Tracy from Mama-press. Tracy is my guest blogger today and brings a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in starting a business - and for those who have a business, this is a great checklist.

Why talk about business on a children's decor blog? A high percentage of bloggers are blogging as a business, to complement a business or have an etsy shop. I, too, will be opening my children's lighting business shortly, as well as hold a firm belief that business is everywhere and whatever interests one has at some point they will use business skills.   Here's Tracy:


Fab Slipcover Giveaway Reminder!

How's everyone doing? Just a note note today to remind you about the really great giveaway I have going on  - and today is the LAST DAY.

Seriously, who doesn't want a new sofa WHENEVER you want? Many of us redecorate once per decade (if that) and I'm sure that if we could change the furniture in a cheaper way, we'd re-do more frequently!


Tuesday's Nursery Ideas & Hop #5

Well, hello everyone! Another week quickly passes and here we are ready to look at all your super-cute nursery and children's decor! And ladies, please pass this on so we can have a great resource all in one place. Grab the button and stick it in your sidebar so your readers know where to find all your awesome kids' decor ideas!

Let's have a look back....

Laurie from Little Blue Chairs shared her tutorial on this amazing lamp:


Featured Designer & DIY Slipcover Giveaway!

As my regular readers know, I've been in a sofa dilemma for some time now. They were perfect at our old house, but we moved last year and I left my old decor palette behind! I'm done with the green, red & gold and unfortunately, the sofa print has red flowers. I love the rest of the qualities - big, sturdy, semi-dark - all needed for boys & dog!
These are the sofas:


Tuesday's Nursery Ideas & Hop

Welcome to the 4th week of Tuesday's Nursery!

I'm so pleased with the turnout and little by little we'll grow this party together! Please keep spreading the word by grabbing a button, tweeting, liking and stumbling.

And now to showcase the awesome links from past weeks....


Decorating Kids' Bedrooms With Shapes!

Here are several great ideas for giving children's bedrooms a cohesive 
look without using a typical theme. From nurseries to teen rooms, 
shapes can offer a fun style!

Miami Townhouse modern kids
          by Amy Lau Design


5 Tips For Selling On Craigslist

I'm pleased to introduce you to today's guest blogger, Tina, from Moms Like Me. Tina read a previous post on buying off craigslist and offered that she has sold many items through that site. Here are her 5 tips....

Mamas Like Me


Tuesday's Nursery Decor Ideas & Hop

Welcome to Tuesday's Nursery! 
Enjoy this weeks featured links and please visit these ladies!

Follow the link below to enter your cool kids' decor in the linky.

This is a stunning big-girl bedroom by Tiffany at Living Savvy:

I just love the combination of the purple and soft yellow. 

Next is an awesome DIY Doggy Bookcase by Rachelle at Adventures in Creating:


Co-Hosting Blog Party Hop with Homemaker On A Dime!

Hey, it's Sunday! That means it's time for the
Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop!

I'm co-hosting with SJ, the one and only "Homemaker On A Dime!"

SJ is the brains behind her successful blog, combining creative DIY decor on-the-cheap. Just hand her a sad piece of furniture, a bucket of paint and she will make it awesome! You can see one of her creations I recently featured here. She also has a link-up for giveaways and businesses and a new series called, "Blogging For Dollars," that guest bloggers describe how they started making money in the blogging world.

If you're familiar with this hop join in, if not, here are the basic rules:



5 Tips For Putting Your Child To Bed With Love

I'm so happy to introduce you to Rosann from Christian Super Mom! When I came across her blog about a month ago, it was so uplifting, inspiring and realistic. She also had written a post on putting your kids to bed.....with love. That's the key. Our bedtime tends to fall apart as much as I try to keep it calm. So Rosann agreed to offer 5 great tips as my guest blogger today! After you read, please go give her some comment love!

Here's Rosann:


Tuesday's Nursery

Welcome to Tuesday's Nursery Party & Helping Hop!

                         If you are... 

                                       *  Planning a nursery
                                       *  Updating to a tot room 
                                       *  Making products for nurseries
                                       *  Creating a diy knock-off item 
                                       *  Stuck and really need help

                                                              ... this is the place for you!  

Painted Entry Door

In our quest to SIMPLY install a storm door, we are now into week 2 as
described  in this post.   We painted the outside of the entry door white
late yesterday and I'm so pleased with the difference!



Installing A Storm Door - Week 1 of 2

Fixing the bones of a house isn't fun DIY or glamorous, but a necessity, so please jump for joy as we make progress in our 20 year fix up!

Our old storm door was green and the latch was broken so we finally gave it away and ordered a new one. I'm all about Craigslist and searched for months for a new-but-don't-need door and couldn't find one. So we went to Home Depot for a new one!

We ordered this one:

It came in less than 2 weeks!

We picked it up 5 days ago and my hub said he'd put it on right away.

This is the old door:

Where Were You?

We were on our honeymoon and were to fly home that day.

I had wanted a weaved basket so we went to the local market first thing in the morning. A local man approached us and said asked if we were Americans. He said a plane flew into the World Trade Center. We did not believe him.

We returned to our hotel room and turned on the tv while we prepared to leave. We were


5 Tips For Parenting

Well, here it is Friday again - wow this week has flown by! Of course, my days and timing on everything were completely thrown off by the holiday weekend. But today, I'm happy to introduce you to Amber from Confessions From Boys Town as my guest blogger!


Amber has 3 boys so believe me, she knows how to handle kids. She also has a great sense of humor so I know you will enjoy her post! Amber, take it away.....

5 Tips to Make Parenting Easier

With so many 'Self Help' books out there on How NOT to Screw Up Your Child, you must be asking yourself "How could this completely imperfect mom give me tips on anything?  I've read her blog- she's a loon!  I mean, really now- if she's now considered an expert, we're all doomed to failure."

Hold on, now.

Did you just say that you read my blog?


But I digress.  you should listen to my sage advice because I'm just that- a crazy mom of 3 boys that has survived thus far without having been committed to an insane asylum.  Those are credentials you can't buy, folks.  Those are badges of honor- with war wounds to show for it- earned on the battlefield of the Motherland.

So, let's get on with the freak show, shall we?


Tuesday's Nursery

We have a great start to Tuesday's Nursery, my new weekly blog party, and I want to thank everyone and high-light a few of the fab links.  I'm so impressed with all the creativity!

A beautiful couture nursery by LaDyLaDuke:

Courtney's custom curtains are the perfect finishing touch to a super 
stylish nursery! Courtney also has a mommy hangout 
at Mommy LaDy Club so go check it out!

Next is this awesome thrifty makeover by Homemaker On A Dime:


5 Tips For Growing A Garden Easily!

This is our first garden and I can't believe how easy it was!
We only did 5 things to help it grow.


Miracle Makeover Appreciation

I want to take a brief moment to thank the following people for leaving a comment for the Miracle Makeover Fundraising drive posted earlier this month. You can read about it here. 

Kelee Katillac from Design Gives Back is the mastermind behind Miracle Makeovers. Your comments here combined with thousands at several other blogs, including Between Naps On The Porch, helped raise $5503. These funds will be split evenly to Friends of Kids with Cancer and to the materials fund for the next Miracle Makeover. So a BIG THANK YOU to my Playful Decor readers!! This award goes to all of you!!

Wall Decor Trees

I love trees on walls!
My favorite are the birch or poplars, but any tree will do.

Just a Girl traditional kids


Seeing the Light at Ikea

I must be the last person on earth to go into Ikea. It's like knowing Google is around but using a different search engine. I had seen the minimalist Poang chairs before and honestly don't care for them so I guessed all their furniture was like that. So wrong! Here are my picks that will someday soon be in my house....

I want new sofas and given the prices I will now consider these, but for those of you who have these sofas, how well do Ikea's slip covered sofas hold their shape?

5 Tips For A Successful Yard Sale

You've got the junk. Now what?

Hosting a garage or yard sale can be both a fun and daunting task. Fun that you meet new people, chat with your neighbors and yet you spend the prior days pricing and then an entire day(s) waiting for people to come and buy everything so you can make money. Anyone will tell you it's a lot of work and they did 'ok' making money, but they didn't sell as much as they thought they would.

Is it worth your time and effort?


Decorating For Different Aged Boys

This has to be the ultimate for a decorating dilemma!

How can you decorate a shared bedroom for two boys with a larger age gap? Possible? Yes! Even if they have different interests, which they likely will, there is always a way to combine or at least meld the two into a seamless theme.

courtesy of Molly at Just A Little Creativity

If you're decorating for one teen boy, this post will be helpful.


Recent Frugal Finds

I found this old decorating book as I was going through my grandmother's belongings. I haven't read it yet, but I'd like to see what the experts were advising back then.


Decorating For A Teen Boy?

Decorating a bedroom for a teen-aged boy could be an oxymoron, but not in my book! Teen boy rooms will just be approached differently. When kids are young, we do the "super cute" thing, then we do the big boy or big girl tween rooms. Still cute, but a little more refined. I recently had a comment from a reader who needs ideas for a 15 year old boy whose hobbies include camping, hiking and water skiing.

Johnny Collison completes climbing the Seven Summits 
January 2011.

5 Tips For Choosing Paint Color

How long does it take you to choose a paint color?

I admit that, for me, sometimes it is very quick and correct. Other times it takes a while and I still don't get it right. So I've come up with a fool proof plan that works for me and hopefully it will work for you. And this works best for the lighter colors. I don't know why but I've spent more time trying to get to right lighter shade then choosing a stronger color.

for my new office!


Miracle Makeovers By Design Gives Back - Comments For Cancer Drive!

I'm so pleased to introduce you to the Miracle Makeover Program by Design Gives Back!    Kelee Katillac is an Interior Designer and founded the makeover program to brighten the lives of cancer patients. Each year she, along with a truckload of volunteers, creates knock-out, fun and inspiring bedroom re-do's.

PLEASE pass this on via all your social networks - 
we have ONLY 4 DAYS to help! 
Your comments raise funds for the next makeover!



5 Tips For Buying On Craigslist

Have you been cheated or royally burned by a craigslist seller?

I have.  I paid too much for the desk below and bought a scale-covered sink because I forgot to remember simple things.  But thanks to many transactions, I now have a checklist of must-do's before I buy. It's not going to be foolproof, but it helps when my mommy-brain is turned on.

I paid $120. I Should have paid $80.


Painting Tips & Pinterest Drips

Do you have a set formula for choosing paint color?
Are you methodical or scattered? A little of both?


5 Tips For A Safe Garage Sale

I love garage sales!

I prefer to go to them rather than host them, but I've done both enough times that I've learned some things and hopefully you will to.  Frequently, when I go to one I find myself critiquing what the host did well or not so well; and how they could have sold more to me or made it safer. 


Striped Wall Nursery


I just love that striped wall!

It makes a statement without shouting.

This nursery is the creation of Sarah, a friend of Amanda at Kuzak's Closet.


Office: Target Furniture & Painting Update!

I've made some progress in the past several days in my soon-to-be workspace. Yesterday, I ordered the desk above. It is the Naples Executive Desk from Target. No, I  don't consider myself "executive" and I did not go searching for it but instead made a quick decision on a craigslist desk!

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