Project Simplify - Closet Cleanout!

(morning photo - more snow.)

I've joined a 5 week house cleanup at Simple Mom. Week #1 was cleaning out the master closet. Yes, the project we all dread! Honestly, I don't think my closet is too bad. We moved 6 months ago and prior to the move I had been clearing out with at least weekly carloads to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, or trash for the un-acceptables.

before cleaning - notice the tubs & empty garbage bags!

The problem I'm having is many things are still not in place. I've left tubs full of clothing, framed photos and other household extras. In our closet, I had 4 tubs of shoes, off-season and classic clothing. I have also found over the years that I prefer to not put out all my clothing. It keeps the closet looking cleaner and I just don't like looking at so many clothes when I only wear 10 items repeatedly.

after - down to 2 tubs, plus off season shoe box;
yes, I keep the vacuum in our closet!

So when Tsh, the simplify guru, announced this week's project was the master closet, I didn't feel too overwhelmed, but did take the opportunity to clear out again and put things where they should go: other closets, Goodwill and trash.

Project done and I do feel better when I look at my closet! I emptied 2 tubs and will take 4 bags
of clothing to the donation centers.  If you want to join this weekly clean out program
go to Simple Mom. Net.

And for a truely humorous story about "Steve the Cabinet" check out
Lisa's blog at NeeBeep!

Or if cleaning out your closet just gives you a huge headache,
Ellen at Confessions of an Overworked Mom has
a $2 coupon for Advil!

Oh, I love looking at those empty tubs!
Definitely A Finer Thing for Friday!
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Cupcake's Mommy said...

I just cleaned out my own closets a few weeks ago (still a work in progress actually, because I'm holding some over for our yard sale in May) - it feels so good once it's all cleared out! Good luck!

~ Di

Sam @ The Junk House said...

I'm moving soon, so it's forcing me to clean out everything. It's so much work. It looks like you did a great job though. 2 tubs and 4 bags! Wow! I'm your newest follower from the Homemaker on a Dime Swap. I'd love for you to follow back.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Brrrrr! Looks like the perfect day to clean or go sledding.

I bet it feels good to clear out and donate. Thanks for sharing these links!

Ms Bibi said...

My master closet is usually pretty organized, but last few weeks sure did a number on it. Time for me to clean in out as well.

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