Kindergarten Registration

I know so many of you have already experienced this so bear with me - I label myself  "another mom who realizes her babies are growing up!"  Usually, I'm the stressed, yelling, complaining mom but occassionally I get sappy...

So today was registration day for Kindergarten. And while several times over the past years, I've thought how nice it will be to have the house to myself all day (or with hubby) and no daycare costs, which also means I can dive into business building!

But, yes, I'm also having that "wow, I can't believe he's going into Kindergarten!" moment.

The best was last night my 6yo was explaining to him all about being in 'big-kid' school...

6yo: "You & I will be in the same school next year."

4yo: "Will I be in your class?"

6yo: " No, You'll be in a class like mine, but I'll be in a bigger class."

4yo: "Can we play together?"

6yo: "Yes, if we have recess together."

4yo: "Can I eat lunch with you?"

6yo: "Well, I might see you but I have to sit at my table. You will sit at your table. We have to sit at different tables but we can say 'hi' and I'll wave to you. Ok?"

4yo: "OK. Can I bring my fire engine?"

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Trisha said...

Oh how sweet! I know exactly how you feel :( My youngest started kindergarten this year. I still can't believe it and we're more then 1/2 through the year. Why do they have to grow so fast?

Kathy said...

My youngest started kindergarten this year too! Feel as sappy as you want. I was crying the whole weekend before, but only in private so he wouldn't see! What a sweet converstation your boys had! The pictures are adorable! I wish it didn't go so fast too!

Amie said...

I am not looking forward to the day when my child goes to school full time. I will miss him during the day.

Valerie said...

Oh my goodness they do grow up fast! We just made the crib to toddler bed transition last night. It all happens before you're ready for it!

p.s. You are welcome to use the nursery artwork in your gallery/linky. :) Thanks!

Nan said...

It's just so bittersweet - wanting my ME time and wanting him to keep wearing super cute toddler clothes!

Tammy @ Type A said...

that is so sweet. i'm putting my little girl in preschool next year, it's gonna be weird not having one at home, but i'm gonna take advantage of the free time and get my work done! xx

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