PB DIY Buckets

How many of these super cute buckets could you use?
I'd want several!

Thanks to Emily at Nest. Nesting. Nested., you can make these, too!

Cute Tote To Sew

Is this adorable or what?!

I found this super cute tote to make over at Morgan Made It and I had to include it
 in my Accessories Gallery!

My Son's Nursery

My oldest son recently had his 6th birthday.

(before the room was a bright neon green!)

I don't know why this one carries more significance for me than others but it does. It means he is not a toddler anymore. He is a boy. Granted a little boy, but still on his way to big-kid status. At 5 years old I could still call him a toddler, not now. He's a boy.


How Do You Decorate The Entire House?

It has been 6 months since we moved into our new-to-us house. I look around and my high hopes for having freshly painted walls in every room are being quickly replaced by reality. Before we moved in, I had a plan to paint the most hideous room:


Negotiating Means Talking, Right?

I love the style of this house.

I am going nuts. NUTS. I am in negotiations with a potential buyer for our old house and waiting...WAITING... for the response.


What A Difference A Day Makes!

Just had to share the beautiful day we're having!

Want to see more?

Re-using Plastic Bags

Do you re-use your plastic bags?
I'm not talking about grocery shopping bags, but sandwich and storage bags.

Before it was "in" to recycle, re-use and  re-purpose, I was washing out plastic sandwich bags and re-using paper lunch bags  30-40 years ago. My mother did this and I have followed in her footsteps, not because it was chic, but because they weren't broken or had holes in them (and they couldn't be darned like socks!).

Winter Weight Off - Week 2


     (  what the glorious ice storm has left us.... a beautiful tree )

Do I feel like I've made progress or have I thrown in the towel?


Sunday Visits

At first I wasn't going to write today, I was just going to bop around around these blog hops. I have a super cold, plus it's cold outside and I just want to crawl back into bed! But then I realized blog hopping on Sunday  to meet new friends is similar to the pre-blog days of the after church meet & greet.


Another Mom Moment

The past few months I've been on a slow but steady quest to get my life back.  We all know that when you have kids, much of you gets put on the back burner or even disappears for several years.  My boys are 4 & 6 and over the last several months they have finally reached the point of self-reliance in most areas.

So while I have purposely made the effort to give them independence, at the same time I've also been trying to focus on me. ME. Doing things in life that are fulfilling just for me. Not to say I'm not satisfied, but I need to do things for myself. I think all you moms know exactly what I'm talking about!


Breaking The Blogging Rules

I am a new blogger. I'm older and maybe I should know, but as with anything new, you jump on the band-wagon too fast and end up doing things just for "the quick gain" and without integrity.

There is a strong need to gain followers in the blogging industry. This, I believe, is necessitated by the companies we seek to get advertising from. They need statistics to validate their dollars, which is certainly understandable.

So my mistake was posting comments with the "I'm following you, therefore you should follow me back" idea.  I jumped on that wagon for the past few days and while I gained followers I also compromised my integrity. I should not gain from insisting that another blogger follow me.

All the while I was writing those posts and feeling the twinge of compromise, I also read a few posts about this very subject. And thought, "yes, what am I doing?" In my gut it felt wrong, but I wanted the numbers.

By happenstance, I heard Dave Ramsey (the debt-free guru) on the radio talking about integrity.  He said the one commonality of all multi-millionaires was integrity. It wasn't that they were born into money or had better luck than their neighbors, it was that they conducted themselves with the utmost integrity so people wanted and enjoyed working with them.

I want this to. I want my blog to be successful, but I want it to be because other bloggers (and maybe ad companies) WANT to work with me. Have I skipped steps to get ahead in the past? Sure. And I probably will here and there in the future if in the right context. But Dave Ramsey's, as well as other blogger's, words have been a swift reminder to stay true to thyself and maybe abundance will come. More importantly, I want to go to my grave knowing I exuded integrity throughout my life. It's a goal to strive for.


My Hairrible Obsession

I was going to post something more regular for Tackle It Tuesday - a cleaning project or a home re-do. But
the in past few days, I've been obsessed with something more personal and hoping some of you can relate! 

Instead of showing you a completed project or a "how to," I'm going to give you all a friendly reminder.

Dare I admit it?

I have spent the past 3 days fussing with home hair color. Don't get me wrong, for some it works well. For others, like me, it just doesn't work. First try I ended with:


Then I tried another brand in a higher blonde and ended up with:


My husband apptly called it the Golden Retriever color!

And thinking I was almost getting there to the blonde I've always been and just needed to go a bit lighter,
I tried once more. Seriously, who was I kidding? I really thought I COULD get it right!

Enter the bleach blonde:


Seriously. Shocking.


I know I'm not the only woman to ever try home hair coloring and end up with a disaster. I brought it upon myself and I will deal with it. With humor!

So in my new quest of Tackling My Hair, I'm heading out to a salon and I'd love some


of your hair disasters!

Thanks Ladies!


Master Bath Makeover

Our Master Bath Re-Do:

Previous owners had a "let's pretend we're in the woods" theme. Brown paint with stenciled green leaves, which are the white splotches.

I had just started painting when I realized I should get the "not-so-fab" before pics!

Brown everywhere: walls, doors, trim!

Here are more before pics of the cabinets.

Ahhhh......so refreshing....

I still have minor painting to do -

but you get the idea.

Wall paint color is Behr:  Fresh Day...

and it is!

Updating 9/16/11: I recently got back into this project to finish for the Roomspiration hop - I saw it as a great goal! Well, here it is "bathroom day" and I'm still painting the cabinet doors. Yup, it's been a year since we started on this project!

Showing the cabinets will be another day or two....but please feel joy with me at what's been accomplished thus far! Have you re-done a bathroom?

( the real question is: can I finish my workspace for the Roomspiration Craft
Room reveal on the 21st?!!)

Happy Valentine's Day!

My boys were busy yesterday! After cutting & coloring these for Daddy, they taped them above our bed "so Daddy will see them when he gets home."

From our 6 year old:

From our 4 year old:

Kindergarten class project:

And both boys wanted to give me flowers! Carson, 6, picked out the pink roses and Porter, 4, picked out the longer-lasting orange flowers!


The Winter Wait.....

                                 (... another beautiful sunrise....) 

I mean, WEIGHT!  I'm joining the gals at 5 Minutes For Mom  for a regular check-in with our weight loss goals.  Every week we'll share nutrition & meal ideas as well as our progress.  Coincidently, hubby & I had recently decided to start our own weight loss.  It's February and it's time!

  A few weeks ago I caught the Dr. Oz  program (who doesn't LOVE Dr. Oz?)  and this diet guru was on explaining his methods - and of course, new book, The 4 Hour Body.   Except this guy, Tim Ferriss, isn't really a diet guru, he's more of a nutrition & physiology nut. He has spent 20 years testing his body to figure out the best diet (foods to eat) for a low body fat index and best exercises for optimum energy & fitness.

We are jumping on his ideas - once you start understanding his number crunching & seeing the results, it makes sense.  Here are 3 main things to get started as he stated on the Dr. Oz show:

  • 30g of Protein within 30 minutes of waking
  • Grapefruit Juice & Air Squats after binging (or bad foods)
  • Ice Packs on your neck while watching tv 

I've already tried the first 2 and I don't have that bloated puffy stomach after eating. I feel leaner & meaner! And feeling the burn from those air squats!

Here's to cinnamon in my coffee and spinach & beans in my eggs..... let's get going to a flatter tummy for summer!


Are You Stuck? Call Your Library!

I was stuck. Still am a bit, but making movement. I have too much on my plate and can't take a step in any one direction. Until now.

A few years ago, my husband & I were all over creating and inventing products, having our own business; we were overflowing with ideas! I was working on a home party business and Ted was helping with designing plans and prototypes for various ideas.

And slowly things fizzled. I can't remember the beginning of the downward slide, but after 2 years of the home party biz that wasn't producing, I let it go. Soon after, I started working on the children's lighting idea, and the other ideas went to the back burner. Time passed. I completely stopped working on any products. I was burned out and needed to focus on my kids.

Fast forward....we moved, it's winter and now it's time to get things rolling again! We're trying to completely redecorate our 'new' house and so far, 4 months in, I have yet to finish the first room.
And I missed not working on our inventions. Stuck.

You know the advice, write down your goals? We finally did. I helped. It gave direction for both of us, our business plans as well as financial plans. Those two go hand in hand. He has his. I have mine.

My first step was to get back over to Tamara Monosoff at Mom Invented . And I called my local library to get her books. Not to sound too cheap, but I had just purcheasd another book, Ted also just bought a book, so the thought of buying 2-3 more books was making me hesitate...and then I remembered the library! Yeah for libraries! Such a valuable resource, yet under utilized. I look forward to reading her books - dare I contact Tamara without reading her books first!? - awaiting the call from the library to pick them up!

When is the last time you used your local library?

Do You Really Want To DIY?

I love designing. I love creating. But only sometimes do I like DIY projects. Notice I didn't say "love." I used to like making my own or fixing it myself. Sewing, painting, wallpaper hanging. It was a challenge and when I was done, I felt accomplished. But now, with 2 young boys and in a 'new' house that needs updating everywhere, I look around and immediately feel exhausted!

It has been over 4 months of working on our bath. The last stretch of painting is up to me. I go in, I look, I walk out. Maybe it's age, maybe it's just too much to do. But every excuse in the book comes to mind.

So now I have set a goal: To be a part of the blog party: "Metamorphasis Mondays" over at Between Naps On The Porch this upcoming Monday....or the following Monday!

I'd love to know about your DIY projects and how you get that last 5% completed so please leave a comment. Also, check out the wonderful ideas and photos of Susan's at BNOTP! Her header alone is enjoyable to look at!
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