Colorful DIY Details Big Boy Room

Trucks, trains, color and lots of DIY projects are in this room! 
Lizzie at Pretty City Things recently finished decorating her son's 
big boy room and I'm pleased to share it with you.... 


Five Tips Friday - Laundry!

This week's Five Tips are contributed by Joy at Pardon My Poppet........

If you're like me, you probably have some aspects of laundry day that you downright dislike. To start with, I hate sorting laundry, and used to just throw everything in together. But I noticed that my whites would end up dingy as they absorbed dye from the garments they


Master Bath Makeover

Over the winter we did the final touches on our master bath makeover. Even though there are still a few minor touches left, I'm calling it done!

All the cabinets were standard oak stained and since this bathroom may be gutted in our grand 5 year plan, we didn't want to spend any extra money. So we just painted what's there. I'm a white trim gal! 



Five Tips Friday - Host A Successful Yard Sale

You've got the junk. Now what?

Hosting a garage or yard sale can be both a fun and daunting task. Fun that you meet new people, chat with your neighbors and yet you spend the prior days pricing and then an entire day(s) waiting for people to come and buy everything so you can make money. Anyone will tell you it's a lot of work and they did 'ok' making money, but they didn't sell as much as they thought they would.

Is it worth your time and effort?

Orange Big Boy Room

This contemporary big boy bedroom is by Rachelle from 

I'm loving the large orange accent!

What's so amazing is that

Fun Kids Decor from Fab.com

Playable Studio is the only decor company featured this week at Fab.com, but what a creative idea for furniture! 

Playable Studio makes furniture kids CAN play on!

Notice the side table in above photo turns into this....


I'm A Gardening Cheat!

Are you behind in your gardening this year?

Every year my answer is "Yes!"  Usually, the process went something like this:

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