Super Simple Artwork!

I happened to spot this penguin....

.... as I was hopping around the blogs.

Or should I say waddling?

This incredibly cute and super simple artwork was done by design student,
Valerie at Dog Hairs, Diapers & Designs. Love that blog name!

Valerie started with a plain canvas, added painters tape to make the lines;
then enlarged a penguin silhouette on her printer.

Sketch. Paint. Done.

I think I could even do this! And how about stepping out of the nursery and creating birds for the laundry room or your favorite pet for the sunroom?

Go visit Valerie for the tutorial and also see her super big announcement!!

Now, which design will you make and where will you hang it?
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Valerie said...

Birds for my laundry room...I like that. ;)
Thanks, Nan!

Emily said...

Love this artwork idea! You always have such great ideas! I have nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award...check out my blog for details.

Jill said...

Love that penguin - my girls are a big penguin crazy at the moment - I must show them it tomorrow!
Thanks for visiting my blog - returning the favour - and I'm very impressed with yours!


Nan said...

Thanks, Jill. It's coming along - still have many changes to make!

Emily, I'm honored to be nominated for your award! Of course, credit goes to Valerie for the original idea - and so she will be my first nominee!

Emily said...

The penguin is great! We watched March of the Penguins a few weeks ago, and have been thinking of them ever since.

Congrats on the Versatile Blogger Award!

I'm following you from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop.

Please stop by www.naptimeismytime.com when you have the opportunity.


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