A Winter Day

I know many people all over the country, especially the east coast, have had enough of the snow and are ready for spring. I, too, could use a few more sunny days. So each day, I look for the beauty in winter. The beauty in snow. My inspirations follow....


Jumping Back In

I've been chomping at the bit to get back to this blog! It's been almost two years. I took much needed time off from my product development and made a much needed move. We love, LOVE our new house and location! And with a new house comes new decorating. This house is almost 25 years old and the cosmetics haven't been updated since it was built. We intend to change everything our eyes can see: carpeting, floor tiles, wallpaper, the entire kitchen, trim and yes, we'll be knocking down a wall or two.

First project: Master Bath - who can't love the "let's pretend we're in the woods" brown paint and stenciled leaves? Me!

Here are the lovely leaves and then I primed over them and you can see how many there were!

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