Wordless Wednesday

Tahoe snow covers ski lift!

176 inches in 7 days...
plus several more feet!

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What Is Your Color Palette?

(another new find from TJX)

As  I walk around our "new-to us" house, I see bits and pieces of the old colors used at our previous house. Four years ago when we moved into that house, it screamed to keep the green, red and gold going and I did.

Take the Style Quiz!

I was just at one of my fav blogs: A Delightful Design, where Abby shared a quiz to help decide your decor style. Well, how could I refuse? I love quizzes, polls, surveys... (notice the fun poll here? c'mon take it!).

The quiz is from the Ethan Allen site and you have to quickly pick which photo you immediately like. At the end, it will tell you your decor style. As with most quizzes, you take them and re-take them to see if you get another answer, so I did!

The first try my answer was "Loft" style:


Kids Name Signs!

I just love finding super cute kids decor!

Danielle at Mostly Food and Crafts created this wonderful 
personalized door sign.

Danielle certainly has a touch for making cute crafts and awesome food,
and she lists the things she made with her kids as well. Someday, if I ever get
the urge to cook or craft with my kids, I'll be heading to her blog to
see which ones are easiest! And to help with parenting, she made
reward jars - now that's something I need!

Now go check out the awesome food & crafts at Danielle's!


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Decorating Our Living Room

I haven't done much to the living room since moving in...

I have an almost clean slate for decorating our living room.
There are of course, things I can change and things I can't due to finances.

We will:

paint the walls a cream
paint trim to white
possibly change the sofa & loveseat fabric
move the tv cabinet away from fireplace 
replace green blinds with neutral roman shades
cream drapes will go on double door

Will not:

Project Simplify: Kid's Toys!

It's week #3 at Simple Mom's Project Simplify. This week Tsh chose kid's toys and/or clothing. I have a great handle on their clothes, but in the last 4 months, the toys multiplied, even with a yard sale!

Eek! How did that happen? Any mom knows toys just multiply. They are possessed. Aliens. One day you have a handle on them, the next they have offspring!


End of March: Goodbye Christmas Wreath!

Spring wreath!

I know, I know...I should not even admit it. I'm just taking down the Christmas wreath. I had no intention of leaving it up for sooo long! All other holiday decorations were put away by end of January.  Why the wait?


Featured Designer: Kristin Drohan

A FLIP-FLOPPING FUN girl's room....

...notice the artwork? 

You'd never know the success of this week's featured designer, she's as
elegantly understated as her designs. Based outside Boston, MA.,
Kristin Drohan is busy with her interior design business and


Mom's Day Out

Middle-aged Mom in Mini-Van Rocks to Music!

I have been couped up for the past week, really few weeks (months?).
I haven't had a day to myself to get out of the house and do whatever
I wanted or needed to do. Yes, I'd get out for grocery shopping,
but that's work to me. And I'd have a kid with me.
 Or I'd stay home and write but again, with kid.

So today I said to hubby, "I'm going out shopping for house decorations.
It's time to take down the Christmas wreath."

It's a sunny day and I'm heading out. I feel some freedom as I pull out
of our neighborhood. After a few miles, I'm ecstatic that I'm free!
It hits! Like when you're a kid and it's the last day of school....freedom!

I turn on the radio and ...


Just In - Olive Kids Comforters On Sale!

I have these comforters and love 'em!

On Sale Now!

100% Cotton

8 Designs Available

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Little Girl's Room By Trisha

If I had a little girl I would have a room like this...

and better yet, these changes were less than $10!


Project Simplify - Office Clutter

After - what's left of a junk covered bed!

It's week #2 in the Simple Mom "Project Simplify" five week program. If you haven't heard or need the extra push to do some simple organizing, this is a great weekly meme to join. Last week we tackled master closets, this week it's ...


Our Brown House Tour

Like I said our house is brown...outside and in! All photos are BEFORE shots since we really haven't done much. The house is about 25 years old and as you will see, never had the decor updated. We will be changing walls, floors and trim to white!

We just bought a new entry door off craigslist: white with a full window
and shades inside the window - can't wait for the new look, it will brighten up this entry!

Wordless Wednesday

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Hair Bow Lamp

OK, Get out. Just get out! Look at THIS:

Who on earth came up with this?

Is All Day Kindergarten Biologically Correct?

Amidst my cute and fun posts on kid's bedrooms and accessories, I've had a dark cloud hanging over me for the past week or two. My 6 year old's behavior has become unacceptable at school. Naturally, my immediate thoughts rush to: What did we do wrong in raising him?  Were we too lenient? Too harsh? I am also questioning a few socially-accepted parenting and educating ideas that we imposed on him.

"Tarzan" is very smart so his academics are fine, but his personality has always been a bit fiery. He loves soft comforting hugs, but also needs the tickling and wrestling with daddy. He is emotional, not sensitive, just emotional. When he's upset, he'll cry, when he's mad, he's MAD. At school, it's more about seeking attention: talking out, laughing too loud, impulsive, not keeping hands to himself. Sounds like a serious behavior issue, doesn't it? He's six.

As a former school counselor myself, I'm caught between two parallels:


Basketball Bedroom!

Game of hoops, anyone?

What a great idea!

Boys are going to throw balls in their room. They will. I know from experience.
So why not create a space and a target for them? Sarah from
a little of this, a little of that came up this this great big boy's bedroom.

So catch some air and head over to Sarah's site
for the full game!

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Learning About Color Undertones

Most of us amateur decorators will spend endless hours at the paint store choosing just the right color for our baby's nursery or big-boy bedroom. We have, most likely, already chosen the bedding set, lighting and some wall decorations. And now for the paint.

I have just read some very informative articles on color from a fabulous blog I follow, Colour Me Happy by Maria Killam. Maria is a color expert and designer in Vancover, B.C. She also conducts True Colour Training and Certification courses.


Nursery Decor Wreath

This wreath is just sweet.

I can't even say enough.

The Pricing of Children's Performances

I just looked up information on a children's performance group. This group has a tv show and I thought it would be fun to go see it on stage. Actually, in the past few years I've inquired on a few performances: Barney, Bob the Builder and now Imagination Movers.

You can certainly call me cheap, because I often am, but I'm astonished at the prices to go to these performances! The going rate on these tickets in my area is $60. I checked other locations and the lowest I found was $50 for the nose-bleed section. For that reason, we have never taken the kids to the stage to see Barney or George.


Burlap Flower Lamp By Homemaker in Heels

I love this PB inspired lamp...

But, wait... burlap flowers?

Do these two words even belong in the same sentence?
If you're thinking probably as much as homemaker and heels,
you'll be surprised like I was! 

Project Simplify - Closet Cleanout!

(morning photo - more snow.)

I've joined a 5 week house cleanup at Simple Mom. Week #1 was cleaning out the master closet. Yes, the project we all dread! Honestly, I don't think my closet is too bad. We moved 6 months ago and prior to the move I had been clearing out with at least weekly carloads to the Salvation Army or Goodwill, or trash for the un-acceptables.

before cleaning - notice the tubs & empty garbage bags!


Featured Designer: Abby Manchesky

Is this not the most soothing nursery?

I think I could just stare at this all day..... forget my worries and stressors... ahhhh....

Would You Pay $26 For Lemonade?

I found a great post on teaching kids about money.

"Toddler Money" "Family Finances" "Money Play" "Family and Life in Las Vegas"

 Emily at Family and Life in Las Vegas,  has a toddler and is using her experiences with money to teach her little one.  And what a better place to really learn about it than from right there in Sin City! Well maybe teaching the sins of gambling are too old for our toddlers, but we can start with the basics.


Desk Clean Up!

I feel so much better! 


There is nothing like clearing out and organizing a space in your home! 

We all have those places...cluttered closets, cabinets stuffed with everything, the infamous drop-spot in the entry.  And while I do have all those other spots to tackle, this desk was driving me nuts!  


Versatile Blogger Award

Ok,  I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this logic.....

    I take a day off    =    I get an award

  I don't check my blog for a day    =    I receive an awesome award
I don't even  turn my computer on    =    I am nominated for an award 

So are you thinking what I'm thinking..... that maybe I should be away from the computer a bit more? Hmmm...  I could not do it all the time but maybe, just maybe, stepping away occassionally is a good thing!


Super Simple Artwork!

I happened to spot this penguin....

.... as I was hopping around the blogs.

Or should I say waddling?


It's Fine To Have A Messy Basement!

I was just checking in on some of my favorite blogs as an escape from Facebook fussiness. Connecting this blog to my FB fan page isn't just a click or two! If anyone has any advice for getting me out of the muck, I'm all ears..... in the meantime, we go into the 'Finer Things' of basement muck....

(my messy basement)



Kindergarten Registration

I know so many of you have already experienced this so bear with me - I label myself  "another mom who realizes her babies are growing up!"  Usually, I'm the stressed, yelling, complaining mom but occassionally I get sappy...

Wordless Wednesday


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