Burlap Flower Lamp By Homemaker in Heels

I love this PB inspired lamp...

But, wait... burlap flowers?

Do these two words even belong in the same sentence?
If you're thinking probably as much as homemaker and heels,
you'll be surprised like I was! 

Absolutely, YES!

When you have a fabulous crafter like Crysta, THE Homemaker In Heels, anything can be put together! Even seemily opposite materials like burlap, which to me is scratchy, brown, and plain can be molded into a flower, a beautiful, soft and colorful object.

Crysta started with this lamp...

added burlap flowers...
I'm seeing the beauty, are you?

You can make it more contemporary by painting the base black or red for more punch.
Speaking of black & white, here's a fun post on why some things should always be black & white.

If you love this lamp then get your heels on and run over to

Hmm...heels and running? Yes!
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Debbie said...

How fun! I love this idea.
Came over from the Friday Blog Hop.

Anonymous said...

Very cute, idea! I love making fabric rosettes! I'll file this one away in my memory bank. Burlap flowers... yeah, kind of like an oxymoron. Thanks for sharing!

Have a nice weekend! xox

Lisa Taylor said...

Cute and so different, I love it! Also an interesting mixture of textures which I like.
See you in the "Catacombs"
Have a great day,

Ms Bibi said...

I love it. It looks so pretty. What a huge difference from the original look.

Crystal said...

Thank you SOO very much for the feature, Nan! I absolutely LOVE the way you compared the burlap flowers to a homemaker and heels!!! :) I hope you have a fantastic day! Thank you again! :)

Erica S said...

What a cute idea! I found you on Pinterest, love that site!! I make rosettes in one of my Etsy shops, I'm going to have to do this to my daughter's lamp.

Thank you:)

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