It's Fine To Have A Messy Basement!

I was just checking in on some of my favorite blogs as an escape from Facebook fussiness. Connecting this blog to my FB fan page isn't just a click or two! If anyone has any advice for getting me out of the muck, I'm all ears..... in the meantime, we go into the 'Finer Things' of basement muck....

(my messy basement)

I was inspired by Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick, who showed her basement re-do. How awesome that she showed her messiness - something most of us would not want to do.  The mom blogs are full of beautiful photos of  room after room of perfection; or apparent perfection!

For this blogger mom, I am now inspired and unafraid to show it all! I see this as a 'Finer Thing' - may be a bit  quirky, but that's how I see it! After moving six months ago, I am still picking through boxes and tubs looking for that one thing. I have a mountain of decorating to do with this 25 year old house that hasn't seen any updates since it was built!

If you want to be motivated and see this as a 'Finer Thing' as I do, head over to Thrifty Decor Chick and then check out more 'Finer Things' at The Finer Things in Life.

And I'd love to know in which room is your secret messy stash? Right now, for me, it's the entire house!
Have a fine day! 

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Rachel said...

We need to clean out our garage but there WON'T be any before picture, lol!

Susan Evans said...

Your "before" picture looks neat to me. Everything is lined up neatly. Where's the mess? LOL! My garage doesn't look nearly that nice, and my husband tells me to stay out. (He's afraid he will never find anything if I clean it up!)

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