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Recently, hubs & I made the decision to switch to mostly organic foods & personal items. While I've thought about it for years and dabbled with various products, reading one more article on all the chemicals our bodies ingest - and watching the efforts of Jamie Oliver's food makeovers - tipped the scale and the decision was made swiftly.

Raisin and plum porridge...
So how do you all of a sudden buy organic? Seems almost like learning another language. Or that's what it used to  feel like. For us, it was easy. We made the decision to get greener and on my next shopping trip I skipped all the other foods and looked for organics.

Our main grocery store has a pretty good organics selection so it was easy to only look for those items and skip the rest. I bought organic produce, canned goods, cereals, beverages and frozen foods.

Yes, there is sticker-shock, but as I said to a friend, because the prices are higher, I bought fewer things. So instead of buying 4-5 of an item, where 3-4 would stay in the pantry for the next 6 months, I only bought 2 of the organic. Having a garden and making our own staples will help offset costs, too.

The final bill was about the same, but I had fewer items and therefore less waste. I hate to admit it but we do waste food, especially produce. And why have cupboard after cupboard stocked with packaged chemical-laden foods? I'm always looking for more storage space so if I scale back on food storage, I'll have more space for other items.

GMO Soy Beans
I have not reached 100% organic.
During my first organic shopping
trip, I did have a few moments
of panic - what to buy, I don't
have time to readlabels right
now - panic, what do I do??? 

This is my advice: don't feel you
must get to the 100% organic on
your first trip. I was doing great,
but for the moments when I paniced because
I hadn't researched products or couldn't find the organic, I bought my usual and that's ok!

Don't be too hard on yourself. I still have not researched laundry & cleaning products and many other groups of products we use. I'm doing this in steps. My rule is if I start to panic about which product to buy I either skip it or buy regular.

My hub is steps behind me. He is still coming home with non-organic items. It takes time so be easy on yourself, over time you'll adjust and one day wake up and realize 90% of your products are organic! Awesome!

Thus far, we've cut out happy meals, hot dogs (except the occassional organic dogs) and are making our own baby wipes. I'm still researching skin care, make-up and gardening products.  And haven't visited our local farms yet. In time....

I'm curious, how green are you?  What things have you changed for organic or green? What other advice do you have for others going organic?

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