Craigslist Considerations

I've noticed several of my designing blogger buddies frequent their local thrift
stores, antique stores and flea markets. With my kiddos, I just don't have the
freedom to wander aimlessly as much as I'd like to. So, I admit, I'm a craigslist
junkie. My hub is too!  I look at home things and he looks at tractors.

Tonight, I'm thinking about casual seating for the family room and anything for
my new workspace.

I found this!

It would be great in my office or even the living room. New fabric would be fairly easy with the almost straight lines.

And then I saw this - could go in my office -

or the family room...

I wanted to lean towards the contempo side for my office, but these colors would work and who wouldn't want a spot of flowers?!

Both are $75 but 2 hours away - what do you think?...

So either one could go into my office - I love this wall color!

work space  home office

Now the flowered chair doesn't look like it will go with the wall color.
Back to the chaise covered in this fabric:


With the  wall color I could hang this artwork:

OK, so that's my latest swing on ideas - what are you working on, thinking about?

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Molly said...

I also LOVE craigslist! You can definitely find some treasures on there. I'm a new follower from the Creative Bloggers hop, glad to have found you!

TriGirl said...

Thanks for hosting the Creative Bloggers hop! Wow, craigslist is great! i always forget about it!

Lisa said...

I'm always scouring Cragslist. It's a fabulous source of great finds. I love the pieces you found.. might be worth a nice drive!

KAT said...

very nice looking room..fresh and organized and ready for lots of artistic work!

Nan said...

Thanks everyone! While the hunting is fun, I wish I could snap my fingers for everything to be done!

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