Driving Towards A Green Light

I've always subscribed to the recycle-reuse philosophy, even before recycle was a household word. My mother always reused things until there were holes in them. Back then she darned holey socks until she truly got tired of re-darning 2 or 3 times!

Recycling has gone far beyond darning socks to catching rain water, installing low-use toilets and faucets. Our goal is to install many of these, as well as buy organic foods and start a garden. Switching to organic foods is something I've dabbled in, a box of crackers here, cereal there. But recently, I made a bigger jump to purposely buy as much organic as possible. Our fabulous FDA is still dragging their feet on artificial colors & flavors while European countries have banned those chemicals for decades.

RTS-Rainwater Collecting Tank-Above Ground-Red

Some things I already do are recycling the usual plastics, newspapers, glass and cans as much as my local waste facility allows. I wish they did a lot more, but I do understand the cost analysis behind only collecting certain items.

I also buy second-hand when possible and donate back for someone else to re-use our things. I wash out plastic sandwich bags - I just can't toss them! I have the endless pile of bags on my counter waiting for me until I finally wash them. More on that here.

So my hub & I have a list of ways to green up our house:

  • Install a dual flush toilet system. These are less than $100 and I found this one. There are many others.
  • Catch rain water for garden use. I'd like to use it for toilets too, if possible. I found these.
  • Start a garden.
  • Hang laundry to dry when possible - I already do, but could do it more!
  • Re-circulate dirty water from dishwasher & clothes washer to toilet or garden.
  • Solar - when the prices come down!

In what ways is your house green? What have you already done? What items are you researching?

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