Organic Bedrooms

In my latest obsession of converting my family to organics, I found information on organic bedding, paints and furniture so I thought I'd share it with you. And I promise to get back to sharing regular kids decor!

Organic pillows from Lifekind

Lifekind has a full range of organic bedding products from cribs to full sized mattresses, pads, blankets and towels. Oh, and they have a cute robe for toddlers that is on sale!  My hub and I are in the market for a mattress but I've been concerned about the offgassing of new ones so the information I've read has been helpful. Here is more info on organic mattresses at The Daily Green.

Baby Bedding from Lifekind

There are several toxins that are in paint and furniture that are emitted into the air and you and your kids end up inhaling them. Most common are the flame retardants in mattresses, sofas and chairs. Practically Green has a good basic article to learn more about offgassing from foam products.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the harsh chemicals in paint - if you've painted, you've inhaled them. Now there are several companies making non-voc paints. And if you're about to paint your child's room you may want to consider these safer paints.

Eartheasy has a great list to help you choose.  

Please let me know if you've tried an organic mattress or non-voc paint. What do you think about moving away from conventional products to organics?

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Kathy said...

When my father made me my cradel for my first child 12 years ago my mother had him going crazy finding a non-toxic "green" child safe stain and seal for it. He found it! I think it is so much easier now to locate green and non-toxic products. Just for the record, my cradle still looks as beautiful as it did 12 years ago, three babies, and countless dolls and stuffed animals after! I think every bit helps! I look foward to reading about your finds and journey for more green products!

Nan said...

Kathy, that's great your mom was wanting the 'green' stain. I'll be using non-toxic from here on, but feel bad I didn't 6yrs ago when painting my son's nursery. :(

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