Tile Flooring: Yay or Nay?

You're confused, right? How could I even fathom questioning the preference of tile? Well, I can. I'm very practical and realistic when purchasing products and occassionally, like now, tend to buck the popular trend. Hear me out...

Grand Entry Foyer traditional entry

Tile is preferred; it sits up high on a pedestal. Yes, the look of tile is initially pleasing and given the price-point, it is usually on the upper end of flooring options and therefore desirable. You feel you've "made-it" in life when you can afford to tile your house without limits.

I have been fortunate enough to have lived in several houses with all flooring options so I feel I can speak from experience. I'm not so thrilled with tile. Here are my reasons:

It is cold on bare feet.

Bathrooms traditional bathroom

It is too hard to stand on for lengths of time like being in the kitchen or bathroom. Have you noticed the new gel mats being sold? It is for comfort when standing on tile cooking or doing dishes. And I think I've seen them recently designed for bathrooms. This one below is described as an "anti-fatigue mat" - and it's not cheap. After you spend oodles on tile, you have to spend more on mats covering it so you can stand for any length of time. Odd?

The New 3rd Generation Gel-Mat© Anti-fatigue Kitchen Mats in Rich Red. Each Mat Is 20" Wide By 36" Long an 3/4" thick, designed and tested by the Original Basket Weave Gel-Mat - 1st Generation©, to Reduce the unintended consequences of Gel mats with fancy covers.

Tile is not safe for kids. I would have a paralyzed (or dead) child if we had tile in our previous house. I watched him fall - in that slow motion I-can't-get-to-him-fast-enough-fall - and he landed on his forehead with neck turned and feet up over his head. Luckily, we had vinyl and he only got a big egg on his head.

It is also very slippery for socks and sometimes bare feet. We have a no-socks rule in this house.

It is not fun cleaning the grout. No matter how much you try to keep the grout clean, it always looks dirty. I have yet to find the right mop system that works on bumpy tile and can get into the grout lines. (I recently ordered a new mop so I'll update you if it works.)

Kitchen Remodel traditional kitchen

seriously, how do they clean that?

Also, it is porous - whatever liquid spills on it, some of it will seep into the grout. With 2 young boys, the tile in the bathrooms will have a never-ending urine smell. I just bought a new product to help alleviate this, but the damage has already been done.

So as we update our house, my jury is still out on tile. Love the look,
not the practicality. Am I nuts?
What about you?

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Alexis of NorthOnHarper said...

I think you have to be selective with tile---- I don't like a lot of grouting (yuck- too dirty!) and I prefer larger tiles.

But it is preference..... at the end of the day I LOVE wood whenever possible!

And I hate carpet (it just feels so dirty)

No Longer 25 said...

I agree, and I don't think it's that popular here in the UK with people preferring wooden floors (but perhaps I am out of the loop).

I would choose carpet in rooms which should be cosy such as the living rooms and bedroom and wood on floors I want to mop with bleach such as the kitchen, bathrooms and hallway. In an ideal world with no budgets that is!

Have a lovely weekend,

Sam @ The Junk House said...

Last weekend I was getting out of the shower, slipped on the tile, and bruised both my knees in the fall. So, right now I'm hating the tile throughout my house. It does look nice though.

A Delightful Design said...

I hate tile! I love wood (everywhere), especially in the kitchen because it's easier to stand on. But for people with kids and/or pets, there are such beautiful laminate wood floors. Gasp, I know. But I'm using a Shaw laminate in a client's home and it looks ridiculously good.

Jen @ Domesticated Nomad said...

Hi, I found you through Creative Blog and Hop and am your new follower. :) I have to weigh in on this because I so HATE tile. Not that I'm passionate or anything. ;) Mostly because of the grout. We inherited white tile floor in our kitchen. Even the tile always looks dirty - and I clean it often, too much if you ask me. I also have tile in the bathroom, so each week I have to scrub the grout lines. Ugh! As soon as I can afford it, it's all going away!

Your other reasons are true as well. I love it when I see it brand new, but if the tile is not coming with it's own maid, it's not worth the expense.

Lisa Taylor said...

We have a lot of tile and a lot of wood. When I redo my upstairs it will be with wood, just because of the "warmth" of it, cause I do love my tile! I've found if the tile is sealed properly it and the grout are easy to clean. It *is* unforgiving on heads and dropped china however :-( I mostly have quite large pieces of tile - though the ones on my shower floor are smaller and, I think, provide more "traction" to avoid slipping!

Nan said...

YAY!! I'm not alone & crazy in my sometimes-to-practical way of living! When we get to the floors in this house - in about 5 yrs - I want real wide pine and 4-6 inch wide painted!

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