Batter Up!

Notice anything different about this table?

Tonya at Love of Family & Home is so creative, she was able to take
two entirely different objects and put them together for a
one of a kind masterpiece!

Once upon a time she picked up an old baseball bat....

... seriously, I would never do that!  She was out antiquing (yes, I just made up a new verb) and comes home with a baseball bat. I think Tonya's wheels are constantly turning and even if she doesn't know what she'll do with said object, she knows there WILL be a plan....someday!

That someday came when she took a second look at this....

a hand-me-down from her mother-in-law.

Add a bit of embelishment.....

And you have one extraordinary table!

Tonya and her mom also have an etsy store with really cute
pillows & lampshades!
They are so talented!

And for more photos and specifics on the nightstand,
grab your bat and go hit your own homerun at Love of Family & Home!

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