Good-bye April Showers

Well, I don't know about all of you, but I'm very done with April! It has been a non-stop roller coaster which I'm hoping has come to an end. Not a fun ride. This past week especially sums up the whole month. Like this picture - disappointment in the snow and beauty in the bird.

From the devastation and sadness of the tornadoes to the joy and stunning beauty of the royal wedding. This parallels the highs and lows of my week and month with frustration of selling our house to resolution(!) and feeling like a queen while I enjoyed a spa day yesterday, thanks to my awesome hub!

Prince William & Kate's Wedding in Two Minutes | Royal Wedding, Kate Middleton, Prince William

Do April showers bring May flowers? Well, given we couldn't do much outside because of the rain, I will be planting flowers next week! So there is truth, just from another perspective!

I continued shopping for new sofas and have decided on a fabric like the darkest squares in fabric below. I chose this before and love it for pillows and valances. It will also work with our existing rocking chair & ottoman.


I'm also glad we are making progress within our house: we ordered new windows and moved the weight bench out of the soon-to-be boys' room. The new larger windows will brighten two bedrooms upstairs and be replacements for the older windows on main the floor. This is phase one. Phase two will be next year of 5 larger replacements upstairs across the front of the house.

I can't wait for white windows and trim!

And now that the weight bench is in the basement, I can move forward with rearranging the rooms! The playroom will go from the red-pink room to the blue room above, and eventually moving the boys into the blue room as well. And I can start decorating the red-pink room for my work space to something light and airy like this:

work space  home office

If you could have a mom cave/ work space, what colors would you use?

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Kathy said...

I love the blues, very serene! I have no idea what color I would choose for my mom cave. I have a mom corner in my bedroom, where I have my desk and computer. I'm pretty proud that I have carved out a corner, one day I will tackle a room. Glad to hear you sold the house, that must be a great relief! Have a great weekend!

RoryBore said...

I love those serene blues too. but since I have already have that in my son's room and the "boys" bathroom...I think I would go very girlie for my "cave". Thinking a soft lavender, with silver/gray, buttercream or yellow for accents. My space wouldn't be a work space really...more like escape. I work in every other room. So soft lighting, maybe one spot lamp near a comfy chair for reading. Ahh...a girl can dream.

Nan said...

Kathy, unfortunately, we aren't really done with the house. We have a verbal "buy" but no contract yet.

Yes, blues and yellows, maybe orange for the accent color! The rest of the house will have softer tones of blues and greens so I'm thinking of some pop colors!

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