A Flower Bed Haircut!

In my quest to continue turning this new-to-us house into an updated and colorful home, we recently did some outside yard work. Here we are clearing the overgrown bushes in the front flower bed.

And here they go.....

And the front of the house looks much better!

Next is painting the lattice brown and adding window boxes...
lots of window boxes!

Use your imagination - this is my ultimate plan:

All Yellow Siding
White Trim
Blue Shutters & Window Boxes

Think Farm House!
And of course, several flowering perennials for the bed:

Pink Bleeding Hearts.......

Blue & White Hyacinth....

...and other  flowering butterfly and
hummingbird-attracting plants. I need get into my local
garden shop...and I can't wait!

Ideas? What will you be planting this year?
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RoryBore said...

Love Bleeding heart! I have a pink old fashioned variety, but I also planted wild white, which is smaller and more delicate. I also plant Astillbe (mine are a peach and raspberry tones), blue hydrangea, and then I have greenery like ferns and hostas to frame it. It's a great, easy perennial bed for partial sun. For climbing I use perennial sweetpea on the fence, and phlox as a groundcover. I fill in with annuals like impatiens, cosmos and pansies. Can't wait to get in the garden!

Kathy said...

You guys got a lot done, good for you! I love to garden, it is so satisfying to see tangible results from the work you do. I seem to get into phases with my plantings. One year I was really into sedums so I planted alot of varities, one year I was really into Cone flowers so I found a lot of different varities as well. It is fun because since they are all pernials they come back each year so the garden really just gets better each year. Last year and I think again this year I have become obsessed with roses, this year I feel ready to tackle some of the antique varities. We'll see how that goes! Happy planting, I look foward to seeing pictures!

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