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Over the past 36 hours we've been consumed by house selling hell. So today I'm just focusing on things that I like, that are pretty, that make me happy. I've missed looking at all the great blogs out there! And I'm really behind in comment follow-up, so sorry, will catch up soon!

I love the style of our old house

The past weekend was full of 5 Minutes For Mom's Ultimate Blog Party getting to know you's, hopping, following & tweeting. Such fun making the connections - I'm still recovering from the twitter party that left me with computer-eyes!

Today, I went looking for those happy blogs with lots of great ideas and advice. I popped into Decorating Is Bliss. Sharon does a great job keeping her blog filled with new ideas, updates on her gorgeous house and great finds from Etsy stores.

A Delightful Design is another fav blog. Abby has great ideas in design, is currently working on 2 girl's bedrooms, going through her own real estate transactions and has been featured here.

Then I got my monthly newsletter from Colour Me Happy. Maria is a color expert and holds workshops in Canada and the US. She also really makes you think about decor ideas and what you really believe about color and design. I always learn from her.

I know there are many, many other blogs to see beautiful things, but in the overwhelmed state I'm in today, I need to keep it low-key. No blog hops today.  I really just want a burger & beer.

So tell me, and you can let it rip..... you're horrid real estate stories.
I have a dozen and I'm sure you do too!

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Kathy said...

I'm sorry you are in House Selling hell! As the daughter of a Real Estate Broker my heart goes out to you! Hope you got your burger and beer!

Diane Brooks said...

Hi Nan,

Thanks for visiting my blog! If you have a moment, please check out my "new and improved" one at www.IndyisMyHome.com.



Trisha said...

Hope things get better for you :) Selling our house & buying our current one was the most stressful time.

laura@imnotatrophywife.com said...

It's beer thirty somewhere! Hang in there. I'm a licensed agent and just take a deep breath. laura

Nan said...

Thanks all! I used to be a Realtor and have bought & sold a dozen homes so with this experience, I really tried to eliminate the muck; preparing, covering and anticipating all issues so the process would be smooth. We were thrown under the bus by our friends (!!) and now slowly moving forward but with caution! You just NEVER know! Thanks again for your wishes!

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