More Great Finds!

So a few days ago, I had another shopping excursion for various decor pieces.
My last Mom's Day Out was a fun, nutty and exhilarating day! This shopping
 day was as productive, but a bit less nutty. Though I did still have great old
 rock & roll playing in the car!

I hit my usuals: Target, TJMaxx and Bed, Bath & Beyond. I picked up
new towels at BB&B to go with our Master Bath Makeover.
Lusciously soft aqua blue and seafoam green:

Last time I was in Target, I saw this print and had never stopped thinking
about it, and now it has a new home!

It will go in the laundry room, though I think it may end up in my workspace.
I can envision myself sitting in a chair and just staring at it for hours. Hmm...
maybe I should NOT put it in there - I'll never get any work done!

The laundry room needs new rugs so to coordinate with the print, I found
this at Target:

and this one online at a few stores:
Yes, it will be a brightly colored laundry room! In my past 3 houses I always
wanted to have a bright colored laundry room with geometric shapes painted
on the walls. So these rugs will look great with a few circles, squares,
triangles and rectangles on the wall.

The print will be on an isolated wall so I think it will look ok - if not, I'll
 just paint over the shapes! Do you think I'm crazy or think I should go
ahead and take the risk?

Oh, and you'll never guess what finally happened when I got home.....

My Missy - after 3 weeks of avoiding her new bed I got on my last
mom's day out - she FINALLY curled up on it!
Notice the tag still attached? If she hadn't slept on it soon it was going
back to the store.

Ahh... success with the dog bed and success with shopping.

Have you found any good finds recently?

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crazy for chocolate said...

Love the blog! Had to laugh when I saw the dog pillow part. My grandchildren play with our puppy's pillow bed more then she uses it! It was a freebie so no money lost!

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