Finding A New Sofa

As previously mentioned, I have changed my decorating palette colors from the jewel-toned dark green, red & gold to soothing-spa colors of aqua blue and lighter greens.  However, I was really stuck in our living room since our sofas are those exact colors I don't want anymore:

I tried to incorporate blues into the red-green-gold palette. Seriously. But of course, it didn't work. I love our sofas; they are over-big, rock solid and comfy. The only problem is the red flowers.

Enter endless hours of online shopping for slip covers!  The problem is all slip covers I could find were covering the cushions with one piece of fabric. I really wanted each cushion covered. It also had to go with the rocking chair and ottoman since I didn't want to change that out too.

the blue pillows go with this chair but not the sofa pattern

Then I read about Sarah's sofa shopping at Thrifty Decor Chick and I checked out the store she used, as well as a slip cover company that was recommended by one of her readers. I spent hours looking and looking at fabric options, but I could not find a fabric that excited me.

And then, THEN I found a few fabrics that were good and decided I should see them in person at Arhaus. After a few trips I have found - FOUND! - the right fabric! It goes with the rocking chair, will hide dirt from kids and dog and I think the colors are timeless.

This will also blend with grey if I decide to jump on the current
decor bandwagon.I also found this more contemporary fabric for
box valances and pillows!


I found a dirt-hiding, rip-proof, timelessly subtle, non-uniform pattern that
will work with my blue & green palette!!

What do you think? What are your must-haves in deciding fabrics?
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Dee said...


Excellent choice in fabrics! Great colors and a perfect fit with kids and a dog.


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