So Sweet Nursery

Super sweet nursery by La Donna

I love the serene-ness of this nursery. It's colorful in a quiet way.
La Donna at Santa Beso created this for her daughter.

One thing I really like is that La Donna used older family furniture.
Notice the vanity dresser?
It was La Donna's husband's that he inherited from his grandparents:

And the matching bench La Donna aptly named the Brady Bunch bench!

Another family heirloom is this rocking chair from La Donna's grandfather:

La Donna made the right decision to not paint it. I think it keeps with the
heirloom theme and adds a touch of interest to break up the soft colors.
Love it!

To see more photos and description go over to Santa Beso and tell La Donna
what a fab job she did on this nursery!

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Anna said...

I love it also! It looks like such a peaceful place.

LaDonna said...

Thank you soooo much Nan!!! What a huge honor. I know Lilly would say the same if she could. Big Hugs!!!

Trisha said...

Such a sweet room :) I love how she painted the furniture. It works so well.

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