Where Were You?

We were on our honeymoon and were to fly home that day.

I had wanted a weaved basket so we went to the local market first thing in the morning. A local man approached us and said asked if we were Americans. He said a plane flew into the World Trade Center. We did not believe him.

We returned to our hotel room and turned on the tv while we prepared to leave. We were

 stunned with what we saw on the screen. We stopped packing and just stared at the tv. 

I remember a brief question as to whether our flight would be impacted, but our thoughts quickly returned to the events on tv. Then as soon as the reporters started talking about the FAA grounding planes, we knew things had changed. 

We were stuck. Away from home, away from our country. We called the hotel front desk and our trip planner for how they would handle our (and other guests) situation. The earliest flight available was in three days and the resort was making arrangements for us to remain in our room.

The resort was fantastic in catering to everyone's situation because no one had experienced a situation like it. Flexibility and patience were at their highest. We couldn't leave the resort for another week due to the chaos of flights and for most of that week we were glued to the tv.

One might assume we were lucky to be stuck on an island and given an additional week for our honeymoon, but it was not fun. When a tragedy occurs all you want to do is return home, and when you can't, you don't enjoy the time regardless of where you are.

We just celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary. 
It is always bitter-sweet. 
We all have a story. 

What is yours?

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Shanda said...

I was living in Costa Rica at the time and remember it like yesterday. Yet, it seemed like it was everyone's tragedy, not just mine as an American. Two of my kids school friends lost family members that day: one in a plane, one on the ground.

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