Installing A Storm Door - Week 1 of 2

Fixing the bones of a house isn't fun DIY or glamorous, but a necessity, so please jump for joy as we make progress in our 20 year fix up!

Our old storm door was green and the latch was broken so we finally gave it away and ordered a new one. I'm all about Craigslist and searched for months for a new-but-don't-need door and couldn't find one. So we went to Home Depot for a new one!

We ordered this one:

It came in less than 2 weeks!

We picked it up 5 days ago and my hub said he'd put it on right away.

This is the old door:

The green storm door and brown main door are now gone...

The entry walls will be cream and all trim white. Good-bye icky blue & brown. I love blue but not this shade. And this brown is all over the house. 

Inside of new door that we did get off Craigslist. We'll be replacing the 
sidelight as well and all trim will be white.

To install the new storm door, my hub had to remove the outside trim which lead to seeing how crooked the doorway frame was. Last winter, I felt some serious drafts!

(we'll be changing the side light to a full length clear glass, too.)

Can you see the outside?!!

The 2 lines show how "off" the frame was. Almost an inch!
AND....the previous owner was a builder!!

And how about this striker plate? 
Hub made a new one and sealed all spaces on day 4.
We almost continued into ripping up the old tiles, but decided to stay on task.
What were we doing? Oh, yes, putting on a new storm door. Ah hem....

to be continued.....

...see you on day 7, 8 or 9.... 

After I posted this, hub painted the outside and it looks awesome!

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Michelle said...

Fun projects! Not really, but when it's done, it's so much nicer! And something that you want. My hubby is a huge Craig's list addict. He's trying to get most of the stuff for our addition from Craig's list. We've gotten a 9 ft. sliding door and our 9 ft. windows for the bedroom in the past week from CL. Good Luck with your renovations!
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Erin said...

We sooo need to do this with 2 doors at our house, Nan. I've been nagging my hubby for a couple of weeks. Hopefully he'll get hopping. Thanks for the reminder. BTW, my son has been collecting all kinds of things for his room!

Kathy said...

This is something we will need to tackle soon too!! Unfortunately neither of us are handy, but my dad is so I will proably use good old day once more. You brought up an excellent point though and one that really makes me hesstiant to do some projects unless they are screaming to be fixed. I call this the "Lets change the faucet, oh now we have a whole new bathroom" problem. When I was younger my dad went to change the fixture in the sink for a quick update, that one thing led to so many problems being uncovered that they litterally ended up tearing out the bathroom and putting in a new one. I could see my dad rebuilding the front of my house, finding one problem, then anthoer problem, all of a sudden it becomes "how Kathy got a new house" Lol!!! I guess I've bee trumtized by being raised by an engineer/handyman!!! Good luck, I can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done!!!

Jenny said...

It's always interesting when you start on a project to find out how your house was really built or the odd things the previous owner did. There may be a good reason for something or they may have just been odd or not known how to do something. But it sure feels good when you can make changes to make your home your own! Way to go!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Thank you for understanding why we still have not put on the new storm door! It never fails, one seemingly small project become big. And like my mother has said: you change the color of kitchen towels and end up remodeling the whole house! So true!

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