Featured Designer: Kiersten Hathcock from Mod Mom Furniture

There's something special about this table....

can you guess?

If you're not familiar with Mod Mom Furniture, you are in for a surprise!


The puzzle piece is covered storage! I love it!

Inventor Kiersten Hathcock needed more toy storage (who doesn't?!) but
wanted a contemporary look. She could not find anything that fit with her
style, so what does a savvy and resourceful mom do?

That's right! Kiersten bought a saw and lots of wood and went to work on her designs. She has customers from all over the world, including celebrities like Christina Applegate. 

Kiersten's business also got quite a kick from her appearance on Shark Tank and The Nate Berkus Show.

Another plus to this business: this furniture is eco-friendly and
made in the USA!

Isn't this one super cute? 

And it will blend nicely with most decor.

Now go check out more products at Mod Mom Furniture and blog to keep up with Kiersten's latest happenings! 

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Spanish Pinay said...

oh wow... this is the first time I've heard of her and I love her works! Let's hope one day she'd expand her business here in Spain :)

Spanish Pinay

Hannah said...

oh my goodness i love her designs! so stylish but so kid friendly, which is so important :)

The DIY Show Off said...

Wow! The furniture is so cool and I just love when a creative mom gets recognition and success from an original/unique idea and design. Thanks for the introduction!


May said...

I love her creativity. Very beautiful. Kids of this days are really enjoying life. I'm happy to hear that your kids love veggies. Please send me an email so that i know how the guest posting goes. Maybe you tell me the topic you would like me to guest post for you.
Have a great week.

Delaney said...

This furniture is too cute & way practical!

spanish4kiddos said...

This is so cute and love the design. Hopefully, they'll make it affordable.
Great post,
Español para Niños (Spanish for Kids)

Becky Jane said...

Enjoyed watching the videos and visited her shop and blog...she has a great product. Thanks for sharing with us!

Jenny said...

I love those designs. They look like a personal, more natural version of Swedish Modern. Very cute, but stylish, too.


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