Decorating Kids' Bedrooms With Shapes!

Here are several great ideas for giving children's bedrooms a cohesive 
look without using a typical theme. From nurseries to teen rooms, 
shapes can offer a fun style!

Miami Townhouse modern kids
          by Amy Lau Design

Girls Bedroom modern kids

Notice in the image below, how dramatic the smaller photo becomes with a
large colorful shape behind it.

Boys Bedroom contemporary kids

Loft eclectic kids

Nursery for a Private Residence modern kids
by Work Studios

Yes, this next photo is furniture, but it can create the theme -
and it's just plain FUN!

JOY COLLECTION from PAOLA LENTI contemporary kids

beach vintage eclectic kids

Alice in Wonderland Playroom traditional kids

Childrens Rooms contemporary kids

Stencils,Stripes, Swarovski Crystals Child Bedroom and Bath traditional kids

So if you shy away from the traditional themed rooms, but are stuck with
pulling a room together, try using shapes!

Do you have favorites?

Will you try it?

If you found this enjoyable and even helpful....
I've love a stumble or a tweet!

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NinaLaZina said...

My son wants an Arsenal Football Club themed bedroom. I have taken inspiration from the red room with white spots and will try and do something along that lines as the white spots could be footballs! Thanks for ideas. Nina

boulevardinteriordesign.com said...

Love Amy Lau's and Grace Blus. They are excellent. I'm almost finished w my kids rooms in the new house. What a departure from their old rooms. They had a lot of opinions this time. Geesh, who do they think they are?

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

LOL, Kristin! And btw, you don't need to finish their rooms to link to Tuesday's Nursery - I'll be posting my own snails pace updates so I need more to post their progress. Post as they are!

Nina, glad you found ideas here - can't wait to see how you create the room. You can post weekly updates in Tuesday's Nursery party.

Manni said...

omg! Grace blu design is my fave. Then again all of them are so inspiring. Thanks for sharing this :))

Munir said...

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