Painted Entry Door

In our quest to SIMPLY install a storm door, we are now into week 2 as
described  in this post.   We painted the outside of the entry door white
late yesterday and I'm so pleased with the difference!


(taken last winter)


Before the door just disappeared, now you can see it.
Here are pics of the inside.   
Even with the vacuum & tools, these pics are absolute beauty to my eyes!

By next summer the shutters will be a slate blue and the siding yellow....

...or gray shakes. We are torn between farm house or lake house styles.

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Tracy said...

Nan, it looks great! Changing a door like that does make a huge difference in the "curb appeal" of a home (yes, I love hgtv).

Rosann said...

Oh my! What a gorgeous difference! I don't know anything about do it yourself home improvements, but I'm always fascinated to watch them on TV or even in the blog world. A good friend of mine just did an entire kitchen renovation practically on her own. She loves remodeling projects. Anyway, I learned so much just from watching her kitchen transform from country oak to lakeside white. She even knocked down a wall between her kitchen and dining room so she could enjoy her morning coffee in her kitchen while staring out the big bay window (at the lake) in her dining room. So cool!


Shannon Milholland said...

How could you go wrong? The door paint alone is a beautiful improvement! I say go with your gut - farmhouse or lakehouse are both places I want to live!

Anonymous said...

I love the difference just painting it white made! It really does enhance the curb appeal. It's funny how a simple change can make such a tremendous difference.

I'm a sucker for before and after pics, too. I just love to see transitions!!

Visiting from voiceBoks Members to Remember!


Kim Bee said...

Looks fantastic. When I first peeked in I didn't see the continue here button and I was thinking hm, looks exactly the same. Lol! So tired obviously! I love the white. Really pops the door. I am partial to farm house myself. I have a bit of country flair to my place. Lots of rustic touches. We redid our place when we moved in. It was a weird yellow and the most hideous brown. It's now burgandy and white. Really stands out.

shannon said...

I love how the white just jumps at you. I am now going to go looks at the other pictures. We have so much that needs to be done in this house that we are staying in. Little changes do make a world of difference.

Michelle said...

How inviting and fresh a little paint does. I love the crisp white


Michorose said...

That front door really pops out now. Very nice!!

W. Latane Barton said...

How inviting your entryway is now. Great choice of color...

The DIY Show Off said...

Love it! :)

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