Winter Weight Off - Week 2


     (  what the glorious ice storm has left us.... a beautiful tree )

Do I feel like I've made progress or have I thrown in the towel?

I've been sick for the past 5 days so while I haven't made tremendous strides in cutting calories and tripling my exercising, my eating habits are slightly changing.  We've stocked the refrigerator with vegetables and cut back on the heavier starchy foods. And I've cut out my typical toast with butter and honey. I always buy whole grain bread, but with butter and honey, it pretty much is a fat-loaded meal. 

Who doesn't want comfort food when you're not feeling well?  

I did not go nuts this week with totally giving in to my real cravings for ultimate starchy food, so I can give myself a pat on the back. But I did give-in to the comfort foods a little, just to comfort my aching body.

This week I'm starting my measurements: inches and pounds.
Our bodies fluctuate so much throughout a day that only using a scale can wreak havoc on our minds! And with fat weighing less than muscle, it can get confusing whether or not you're gaining muscle or losing fat.

The big question is whether I dare to post my measurements here publicly... or not!!

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