Breaking The Blogging Rules

I am a new blogger. I'm older and maybe I should know, but as with anything new, you jump on the band-wagon too fast and end up doing things just for "the quick gain" and without integrity.

There is a strong need to gain followers in the blogging industry. This, I believe, is necessitated by the companies we seek to get advertising from. They need statistics to validate their dollars, which is certainly understandable.

So my mistake was posting comments with the "I'm following you, therefore you should follow me back" idea.  I jumped on that wagon for the past few days and while I gained followers I also compromised my integrity. I should not gain from insisting that another blogger follow me.

All the while I was writing those posts and feeling the twinge of compromise, I also read a few posts about this very subject. And thought, "yes, what am I doing?" In my gut it felt wrong, but I wanted the numbers.

By happenstance, I heard Dave Ramsey (the debt-free guru) on the radio talking about integrity.  He said the one commonality of all multi-millionaires was integrity. It wasn't that they were born into money or had better luck than their neighbors, it was that they conducted themselves with the utmost integrity so people wanted and enjoyed working with them.

I want this to. I want my blog to be successful, but I want it to be because other bloggers (and maybe ad companies) WANT to work with me. Have I skipped steps to get ahead in the past? Sure. And I probably will here and there in the future if in the right context. But Dave Ramsey's, as well as other blogger's, words have been a swift reminder to stay true to thyself and maybe abundance will come. More importantly, I want to go to my grave knowing I exuded integrity throughout my life. It's a goal to strive for.


Jenny said...

Great post Nan! We love Dave Ramsey around here. He changed our lives and the lives of our children. Keep on girl!

Crunchyish Mama said...

Yeah, that stuff is hard. Part of me likes the follow/blog hop stuff because it's a good way to check out blogs you might not otherwise find, but part of me hates the whole follow me and I'll follow you thing. I also really don't like it when people leave comments that just say, "I'm following you, follow me back" that's tacky.

And I love Dave Ramsey too, but I have to disagree with him that all millionaires have integrity. It's definitely a lot easier to be successful at anything if you are honest and have integrity, but there are plenty of rich and super-rich people that are real scum bags. Just like with every other socio-economic class.

Thanks for the post! I had no idea I was feeling so opinionated!

Mardesia said...

Thank you for making a interesting point about the blog hops. I never thought of it that way.

Nan said...

Mardesia, I have nothing against blog hops or the "follow me/follow you" forum threads. It's the writing a comment specifically in hopes that that blogger will follow you back. If you leave a comment it should just be that. Not attaching it to their following you back.

On the follow you/ follow me threads, if you post a comment on a bloggers site saying, I'm following you from MBC or SITS, fine. But don't request the follow back. That's all. I was doing that and it didn't feel right. And I read many posts on it to change my thinking.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Nan - Thanks for stopping by and leaving me the nice comment. Your post rings so true with many. I want people to follow me because they like my blog and what I write about, not to raise a number. It feels a little like being back in high school the whole follower thing. :)
My best- Diane

Susan Evans said...

I totally agree with you. I felt yucky inside about the follow you, follow me thing. However, whenever someone follows me, I decided I want to know them. If they're not saved, maybe I can lead them to Christ. Or I might walk closer to God because of a post I run across when I click on people in my follow box. It means the world to me when someone new starts following me. I go, "Yippee!" But are they just doing it to use me, to exchange faces in the follow box? Or are they honest-to-goodness following me? I always wonder.

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