Do You Really Want To DIY?

I love designing. I love creating. But only sometimes do I like DIY projects. Notice I didn't say "love." I used to like making my own or fixing it myself. Sewing, painting, wallpaper hanging. It was a challenge and when I was done, I felt accomplished. But now, with 2 young boys and in a 'new' house that needs updating everywhere, I look around and immediately feel exhausted!

It has been over 4 months of working on our bath. The last stretch of painting is up to me. I go in, I look, I walk out. Maybe it's age, maybe it's just too much to do. But every excuse in the book comes to mind.

So now I have set a goal: To be a part of the blog party: "Metamorphasis Mondays" over at Between Naps On The Porch this upcoming Monday....or the following Monday!

I'd love to know about your DIY projects and how you get that last 5% completed so please leave a comment. Also, check out the wonderful ideas and photos of Susan's at BNOTP! Her header alone is enjoyable to look at!

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