Are You Stuck? Call Your Library!

I was stuck. Still am a bit, but making movement. I have too much on my plate and can't take a step in any one direction. Until now.

A few years ago, my husband & I were all over creating and inventing products, having our own business; we were overflowing with ideas! I was working on a home party business and Ted was helping with designing plans and prototypes for various ideas.

And slowly things fizzled. I can't remember the beginning of the downward slide, but after 2 years of the home party biz that wasn't producing, I let it go. Soon after, I started working on the children's lighting idea, and the other ideas went to the back burner. Time passed. I completely stopped working on any products. I was burned out and needed to focus on my kids.

Fast forward....we moved, it's winter and now it's time to get things rolling again! We're trying to completely redecorate our 'new' house and so far, 4 months in, I have yet to finish the first room.
And I missed not working on our inventions. Stuck.

You know the advice, write down your goals? We finally did. I helped. It gave direction for both of us, our business plans as well as financial plans. Those two go hand in hand. He has his. I have mine.

My first step was to get back over to Tamara Monosoff at Mom Invented . And I called my local library to get her books. Not to sound too cheap, but I had just purcheasd another book, Ted also just bought a book, so the thought of buying 2-3 more books was making me hesitate...and then I remembered the library! Yeah for libraries! Such a valuable resource, yet under utilized. I look forward to reading her books - dare I contact Tamara without reading her books first!? - awaiting the call from the library to pick them up!

When is the last time you used your local library?

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