Another Mom Moment

The past few months I've been on a slow but steady quest to get my life back.  We all know that when you have kids, much of you gets put on the back burner or even disappears for several years.  My boys are 4 & 6 and over the last several months they have finally reached the point of self-reliance in most areas.

So while I have purposely made the effort to give them independence, at the same time I've also been trying to focus on me. ME. Doing things in life that are fulfilling just for me. Not to say I'm not satisfied, but I need to do things for myself. I think all you moms know exactly what I'm talking about!

The milestone of my kids' independence hit yesterday when we were playing Frisbee outside. We had been inside and I kept nudging them to go out because it was nice and warm, they declined. Soon I was done writing and decided to go out myself for some much needed fresh air. I told them I was going out to play 'stick' with our super-loved dog, Missy. Within 5 minutes, both boys were out, fully & appropriately dressed.

For some reason this very moment hit me. They were self-sufficient. I was getting my life back. I was getting some freedom back. Eventhough I was playing with them, and enjoying it, I still felt that sense of release from the constant management of their needs. (Remember the 1/2 hour struggles to get snowpants and coats on?!) The more they can do, the more I can do, too!

I felt that it was the beginning of a new chapter. Toddler years are over. The constant 100% focus on them is shifting downward. I can start spending more time on myself, start a business, even take time to put make-up on! And yet all my desires for self-fulfillment are really overshadowed by my pride in knowing they can do things themselves.

(sorry, no cute pics of my guys  -  I'm having a problem with the photo uploader :(  )


Jansen Family said...

Haha...the light at the end tunnel! I have these little reality moments when I feel -- not just know! -- that the kids won't be so little (and so dependent) forever. Sometimes, I have to make a conscience decision to love it now because it won't last forever!

Carla @ Jansen Family Adventures

abby @ a delightful design said...

Yes! Oh, and remember the struggle to get them buckled in their car seat around age 2? But the end we would both be sweating. :-)

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