How Do You Decorate The Entire House?

It has been 6 months since we moved into our new-to-us house. I look around and my high hopes for having freshly painted walls in every room are being quickly replaced by reality. Before we moved in, I had a plan to paint the most hideous room:

a bedroom that was painted red & pink and had black carpeting. Oh, and mirrored bi-fold doors! At the very least,  I just wanted to cover the entire house with primer.

After we moved in, we wanted to have a decorating plan without creating chaos. The last thing we needed were  paint trays and dropcloths everywhere in addition to moving boxes. So we decided to do one room at a time. Pick one, do it, finish it and then move on to the next room. I chose the master bathroom, it was small so therefore should have been a quick re-do, right?

In September, two months after the move, I started peeling the wallpaper boarder in the master bath.Yea, we were off and running down the decorating track and I envisioned a new house soon! However, a few weeks later, the toilet in the entry half-bath appeared to be leaking.

Upon removing the tiles and baseboards, we discovered rotten wood under the tiles from an unrelated leak! After a day or two of  deciding what to tackle next and knowing it all needed to dry out, we closed the door on that bathroom. Literally. A simple toilet leak had turned into a large structural project and we just didn't want to get into it already having another bath under construction. So we turned things off, plugged it up and closed the door!

We are in the final stretch of finishing the master bath, though I admit I have lost motivation. The rule of finishing one room before moving on to the next keeps me from completely leaving it for another more exciting project. Funny how the project is always more exciting in the beginning and more of a chore towards the end! I wonder if we should have changed our plan to:

1. Remove all wallpaper in all rooms.
2. Prime entire house.
3. Paint entire house.  

So I wonder how all of you plan, prepare and complete your decorating  projects. One room at a time or the entire house?  Have you tried it both ways, which worked better?

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Kathy said...

I find that my decorating projects tend to be dictated to me rather than picked by me. I have wanted to strip the wall-paper in my living room since we moved in 9 years ago. Everytime I'm about to do it, pick colors, get a painter, some crisis happens in another room. Our master bedroom was going to be one of the last projects I tackled, until a leak in the airconditioner meant that we had to replace the dry wall, tear up the carpets and re-do the floors. Then, as I was preparing to do the living room again, the skylight in my kitchen, which had already been repainted twice, (don't ask!) leaked, or more acurately flooded my kitchen, requring the whole ceiling to be re-done, and of course the romm repainted. I could go on but I think you get the picture! I look foward to reading more about your decorating adventures. Thanks, it's nice toknow I'm not alone!

Nan said...

Oh, Kathy, I hear your pain and that's why it has taken us 6 months to get the master bath done! We've had to attend to other disasters including car fixes, tractor fixes - oh, yes, you are not alone and I'm sure we'll see more stories here! Thanks for visiting!

Frazzled Mama said...

Thanks for stopping by and following Frazzled Mama. I'm following you back.

Every Day Products & More said...

hello newest follower from the hop

ShanimalCrackers.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for following me. I'm returning the favor. Yes, I'm in Utah. :| Haha, I'm from California, so it's kind of a big difference. And, yeah, I would definitely paint over those pink walls...unless Barbie lives with you.

Michelle Steiner said...

We moved into our place 4 yrs, 4 months ago, and to this day, the ONLY room that has been painted is the master bath. Although, I will say, we have added two porches to the house (front with a roof and side). I really want to get the living / kitchen area tackled, but for some reason, have not made it that far yet. Maybe this spring???? I hate the drywall that is in the house, I like solid colors, and the drywall is NOT.

All I can suggest, just do whatever room needs it the most, and work from there (emergencies prevailing).

Nan said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for stopping by. we need to add porches too - sounds like we're drifting in the same sea of projects!

Valerie said...

Hi Nan,
Well, it could be worse...we've lived in our house a little over a year and I've painted 12 of 14 rooms, but I hate the color I picked for the *6* open concept rooms that are all connected. Which means I'll need to repaint them...10 ft. ceilings and all! :( What's been keeping me on track lately is making a list of all the projects I currently have supplies for and finishing those before starting anything else. Sticking with one room at a time is too constraining for my random designing mind. :)

Thanks for following my blog!

Southgate said...

In my last house, I did it room by room. In the existing house, because we had the luxury of having two homes for several overlapping months, we painted and did light carpentry projects (wainscoting, a few built ins) BEFORE the furniture was moved in. If I hadn't, I know from experience, I would have had builder white rooms til the day I moved out.

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