Striped Wall Nursery


I just love that striped wall!

It makes a statement without shouting.

This nursery is the creation of Sarah, a friend of Amanda at Kuzak's Closet.

Lovely stenciling!

The paint used is BM North Hampton Beige for the darker shade and then a
custom mix for the lighter shade.

I think I had one of these!

The rocking horse above and wood chair below are family heirlooms. I love using family pieces in nurseries. In some way it connects the generations even more.

Awesome accessories!

The dresser below was a new purchase and added the changer on top. I did the same for my kids, a taller dresser and doubling it as a changing table.

If you'd like to see more on this nursery head over to Kuzak's Closet. And if you need help clearing out your own closet, Amanda can help you with that too!

So what do you think of the striped wall? Are you going to try it? I might!

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Kathy said...

I love the sublte color palet! What a gorgeous room!! The horizontal lines were a suprise, when I read a striped nursrey I assumed that they were vertical. Thanks again for another great and fun post!!

Liz said...

Love, love, love!!!

Amanda Kuzak said...

Thank you so much for featuring this post!

designchic said...

Such a darling nursery...love the stripes!!

Decorating Ideas said...

Gorgeous Nursery! I love it!

Sommer said...

This is GORGEOUS! All the colors I'm putting in my daughters room right now. It's subtle, has that vintage feel. Totally my style. What are the wall colors you used? I hope you will come share this at my VIP party today. http://designergarden.blogspot.com/2011/08/vip-party-22.html

Jess@Balancing The Dream said...

i am loving the colors in your nursery! Great job!! I'm pinning it! You have a great eye for design!!

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

This is an awesome nursery but I certainly cannot take any credit! It was designed by Sarah, a friend of Amanda from Kuzak's Closet. Please go visit her to give credit where it's due. (a link is in the post)

Brooke said...

Love the colors you chose, and that vinyl above the crib. Adorable nursery!

Karen said...

Oh wow, this post just became my first item on pinterest! Thanks for the helpful comments on my blog and the follow from VoiceBoks. I'm here returning the follow!

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