Decorating For A Teen Boy?

Decorating a bedroom for a teen-aged boy could be an oxymoron, but not in my book! Teen boy rooms will just be approached differently. When kids are young, we do the "super cute" thing, then we do the big boy or big girl tween rooms. Still cute, but a little more refined. I recently had a comment from a reader who needs ideas for a 15 year old boy whose hobbies include camping, hiking and water skiing.

Johnny Collison completes climbing the Seven Summits 
January 2011.

For a 15 year old, I'd approach decorating from a goal-oriented and inspirational point. Most teens are into certain hobbies, sports and interests. And most have idols, heroes and mentors they look up to in these hobbies. They also have goals: winning a game, competing in a competition or achieving a higher level of accomplishment. This is what we can work with.

Erin, from My Nuggets of Truth, has been stuck with her son Morgan's room and how she'd include his three hobbies into one theme. However, I see camping and hiking as one; so then we're down to two themes. Do-able! If you can combine two of three ideas into one, then you have two to work with and there's always a way to connect them. 

For the camping-hiking theme, I'd paint a wall mural of a mountain - or use a large photo - and include hikers, a tent and campfire. Add in a stream and continue the stream around to another wall to a lake where you could incorporate the water skiing. Now you have two seemingly non-compatible themes connected.

mementos from grandfather make great wall art! 

Next, I'd include gadgets. The camping-hiking side of the room could include an old backpack for hooks, a canteen, photos of mountains, early or current famous hikers (as above), and a few words: either an inspirational quote or favorite brand names*.  This room I showcased, was a camping theme (above photo) and has great gadgets! 

*disclosure: while I don't advocate plastering a kid's room with corporate messages, I think a few companies that represent inspiration and growth are ok, like Patagonia for hiking or Connelly for water skiing.  

For the water skiing side of the room, some gadgets could be an old water ski re-purposed for a rack of hooks, a tow line hanging from a corner or the ceiling, wall words related to water skiing like "28 off" and "leg burn." Also a large photo of him skiing - hopefully with a great rooster-tail in the sun! 
Don't forget to use the physical elements of the room. Anchor half of a tent into a corner with the tent door zipper open and tied back. The closet is probably the best place to incorporate your theme. For this room, there could be an enlarged "tent" door over the closet door or paint the mountain around the closet and make the closet into a cave.  

So we don't have to cut a boat in half (just a tent!) or build a mountain of plaster like in Extreme Makeover, Home Edition. And we certainly don't have their budget, but we all have creativity and if we just ponder - and seek help - we can pull it together!

If you have 2 kids sharing a room, this post will be helpful.

Thank you to Erin and Morgan at My Nuggets of Truth for letting me post about their decorating dilemma! Now Erin, it's your turn to create and show us the completed room!

Have fun!     

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Kathy said...

As always, Nan, you have great ideas! I have a soon to be approaching teen (he will be 13 in December) but he shares a room with our 6 year old. When it became time to redecorate their room we went for a nice nuetral tan for the walls and a lighter shade for the ceiling. Then we got a bunk bed. The bottm level I have docorated for the little guy, right now we have some car decals and a toy story quilt and for the big guy we have decals of music notes and guitars. I still have to hang some posters and art. Any ideas of how to hang posters without tacks or heavy frames? Anyway I love your tips and will continue to incorporate them! Always enjoy my visits!

Erin said...

OMG, Nan! This is awesome! I can't wait to show your post to Morgan and see what he thinks! I will have to take it slowly cause I'm just not creative that way, but you spelled it out pretty plainly!! I will post pics when I am done with it!!!!
Thank you again. You are a blessing!

Janie {HooGoesWhere} said...

These are awesome tips Nan! Long way to go for me. But my SIL can surely make use of these tips.

Janie via vB

Liz said...

Great ideas, Nan! If I had a boy, I would totally be all over this!

Marisa and Brittany said...

Nan, will you come by and decorate my teenage boy's room?? Poor guy... he has nothing on the walls and a country quilt on his bed. Funny, he never complains, but then again, he rarely frequents his room. I was thinking his life is merely too busy to "hang out" in there, but perhaps if it were more "teenage friendly," he would spend more time at home... huh?! Perhaps a decorating event is in order :o)

Thanks for sharing your creativity with us and for joining me at Me, You, and Creamed Corn!


Kristin said...

What a wonderful idea!!! Thanks for sharing!

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Really appreciate you linking up this awesome masterpiece at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

Network Marketing Mama said...

Great ideas! I enjoyed your post on decorating for boys who share a room too!

I'm your newest follower from the blog hop!

Stop on by Network Marketing Mama sometime!


carrhall said...

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