Office: Target Furniture & Painting Update!

I've made some progress in the past several days in my soon-to-be workspace. Yesterday, I ordered the desk above. It is the Naples Executive Desk from Target. No, I  don't consider myself "executive" and I did not go searching for it but instead made a quick decision on a craigslist desk!

I found a similar but smaller desk on craigslist, but when the seller gave me the dimensions I decided it was too small. The desk was also from Target. The problem was it was only 21 inches deep. It would barely fit my laptop with keyboard.

So since I liked the style, I went back onto Target's site and found this one. It is 28 inches deep with a keyboard tray so it should be fine. I like to have enough space to spread out my papers! We had to make the decision of do we buy the cheaper item that's not quite right or buy the more expensive item that's exactly what we need? At our age, we are willing to pay more for the right thing.

I've also made progress in the painting department. In a search for low or zero VOC paint, I've settled with Lowe's Valspar. It's a low VOC, less than 50, and while it does have slight odor, it is convenient and about the same price as regular paint. I did research Mythic, YOLO (through Home Depot), but those would have to be ordered & shipped and while I like to support smaller companies like YOLO, I still need to see it in person and be able to get small samples.

Valspar 8 oz. Paint Sample - Fountain Mist

I settled on Valspar's Fountain Mist color. I love the name, too! I was going to try Olympic's zero-VOC, but I had already purchased a gallon of the Valspar. I did get a sample of the Olympic and I must say I hardly noticed any odor. Maybe next project I'll get the Olympic.  

I wrote on the first step of progress here,  and now here we are with color!

I can't tell you how awesome it is to look down the hallway and see pretty color!
If you haven't seen the before pics, you really must, there is a huge improvement!


(yes, that door & trim will be changed too!)

This week I'm hoping to be mostly done with painting and rip out the black carpet and
 the new desk should arrive!

Question: have any of you painted the heaters to match the wall color? We always match it to the baseboard trim color, but this heaters are older and larger so I'm considering the wall color - if I can find a similar color in a spray paint.

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Chlvie said...

Very Nice. I opened your before pictures Wow! What a huge difference. Loving it!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

oh wow! That pink was really something!!! It's looking great!

MommyRo said...

Isn't so fun the feeling when you transform a room like that? I love playing with paint! Enjoy the 'new' space ... and the new desk. Oh how I would love a desk one day! I just keep my laptop on my kitchen table! It works.
Visiting from VoiceBoks!
Big Hugs!!
Ro :)

Suzy said...

Hi Nan. I love the wall colors that are going into your office. We actually have painted baseboard heaters the same color as the wall. I had mixed feelings about the way it turned out. I think would look better to paint it the same color as the baseboard. Did you know that replacement heaters are very inexpensive at Lowes? Not sure what type you have, but we just replaced a 30 yr old one this weekend. Email me if you'd like a little more info!

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