Painting Tips & Pinterest Drips

Do you have a set formula for choosing paint color?
Are you methodical or scattered? A little of both?

After years of painting various rooms in several houses, here is my method for getting the paint color you want. Hopefully. As you know, you never really know until the whole room is done.

I choose a handful of chips at the store, hold them up to at least 3 different places around the room. Do this at different times of the day since lighting will be different. Then narrow it down to 5-6 colors and get samples.

Number the sample jars and the chips.
Then from top to bottom I paint splotches at the 3 points in the room.

Now, since I'm looking for a beige or light grey and the window trim will eventually be white, I needed to paint the trim.

After looking at these colors for a few days, I chose two, the bottom two. The top color is a great cream that I'll use for the main parts of the house: entry, hall, stairway.

Then I paint larger splotches of the two colors I've chosen and sit with those for a few days. Sorry for the off-lighting in these pics, but the bottom color is more of a true beige   and the top color is a really light grey.

I'm choosing the bottom beige color. It will go with the furniture better and because I really like the light grey, I'll use that in another room.

I also had to find the best blend to go with the fireplace stone, the grey was too white-ish for the warmer stone. Hopefully, it won't take me a year to paint the room!

And now, a word on Pinterest.
I don't really get it. There, I said it.

I get the purpose of social media. I get Houzz. But, I don't get this latest craze even though, yes, I signed up for it! And apparently, I am following 46 people even though I don't recall choosing to follow anyone. People, can you help me out with this?

So correct me if I'm wrong.... I think it's a cross between Houzz, Facebook, Stumble Upon and blog following all rolled into one, yes? But I need a stronger argument as to why I need another site to keep track of when I can barely keep up with my current sites.

Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the new followers I have pinning with me, but will this new trend fade with micro-suede, the color brown and pouffs? If you think it will stick around then I'll see you on the pinning boards..

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I'm off to the "help" page!

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Karen said...

That is a good method for choosing a paint color. I'm always a wreck when I have to choose. Maybe I'll try your way. It might make it an easier and more fun task.

Kelee Katillac said...

Whites and grays are tricky. Sampling -as you are doing is always best! It will look great!

Nan, please consider being apart of Miracle Makeover Week for kids with cancer... Met Monday will feature next week...for more on how to create a post for it go to www.designgivesback.com

love, kelee

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