5 Tips For Choosing Paint Color

How long does it take you to choose a paint color?

I admit that, for me, sometimes it is very quick and correct. Other times it takes a while and I still don't get it right. So I've come up with a fool proof plan that works for me and hopefully it will work for you. And this works best for the lighter colors. I don't know why but I've spent more time trying to get to right lighter shade then choosing a stronger color.

for my new office!

At the store - When you're at the store and standing in front of a sea of chips, the color is skewed from so many colors being next to each other. The lighting in the store also throws a yellow-ish tone on it. So after you've chosen several chips, find something white and hold the chip next to it. Not next to a white chip because there are dozens of "white."   I've used display racks, the white on a design brochure or shelving. 

At home with your chips - For the next few days, hold the chips up at 3 different points in your room and at different times of day. Throughout the day the lighting changes so choose a lighter area in the room as well as the darker area. I do this morning, mid-day and at night. I also look at the chips next to certain focal points: window trim, a stone fireplace or other specific detail work in that room.  

Get samples & number them - Now the fun really starts. OK, maybe I'm weird, but I like seeing the different colors on the wall! Number the jars AND CHIPS and paint the little splotches in order- top to bottom or left to right. I used to write with a pencil next to the color as others do and believe me, numbering is much easier!

Paint splotches - Paint in order at your 3 focal points around the room. Also, if you'll be changing the trim color (for instance, brown to white) go ahead and paint a section of trim so it's next to the sample colors as I showed recently in this post. Look at these splotches at different times of the day to narrow your choices down.

I'll be painting this trim white.

Narrow down & choose color - I like to pick 2 colors and paint larger splotches at the same focal points. Again, looking at these two at different times of the day. I think this is the easiest part because it will be quite clear which color works for that room. 

test colors next to focal points

Can you think of other tips I've forgotten? 
I'm sure there are several ways to choose, but this method works for me.

Please share your ideas in your comment...
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Roll on....!

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Tracy said...

I have such trouble choosing paint colors. I'm too indecisive. Prior to painting our den, I had about 8 different samples painted on the wall. I'm happy with my final choice. Now I need to choose a color for my master bedroom and bath. I'm sure these tips will help!

Kristen said...

This was such a helpful post. Paint chips and I have a love hate relationship....I am not usually happy with what I pick up, so I end up taking many trips to the paint aisle.

SJ @ Homemaker On A Dime said...

Really appreciate you linking up this awesome masterpiece at the Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

Fifi said...

1st...Thank you for the follow, I am your newest follower as well!!

Awesome post!!
I go to the store and pick out alllll the chip cards with the colors I want. Then I go home and unscrew the lightswitch plate just a bit. I fan out all the chip cards and place them behind the plate and screw it back in. It's usually weeks before hubby and I come to the final color we want. I keep a pencil close by and (X) out the ones we don't want, if it's one we x'd out and one of us likes it, we add a ? mark. It's a process, but it works for us. We had chipcards up for 4 months when we were deciding the colors for our master bedroom! ☺
We use Behr, I ♥ it!! I just don't trust the tinted primer...in any brand!! lol! I'm weird!! I'd rather do the primer, then the paint!

Looking forward to more of your posts!

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