Osprey Bird & Nest

This is way off topic, but so worthy of posting. There is an Osprey nest nearby and I was fortunate to get these photos. I have never seen an Osprey bird or its incredibly huge nest and I may never again!

A once in a lifetime event!

Osprey nests typically are found on telephone poles and other elevated places.

The Osprey is similar to the Bald Eagle.

Their main diet is of fish and they can dive under water to catch them!

Yes, we heard the babies chirping!

Osprey birds have a 5 - 6 foot wingspan.

For more info, here are a few links for more info:

Link to Wow Us Wednesday!
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Susanmeep said...

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thank you :)

Janell @ Isabella and Max said...

Very cool, an odd site to see such a huge nest perched up on the telephone pole! Thanks for sharing...Janell

Pretty said...

Very cool find, and catch with the camera! Telephone poles huh? Built in security I guess?

New follower from the hop!


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