Good Year Blimp Landing!

We had a surprise visit from the GoodYear Blimp recently! I'm sure many of you
have seen it in person at sporting events. I have only seen it on tv, so this
was another once in a lifetime event!

If you've seen it in person, you probably didn't see it like this - with little
else around, few people and it only 200ft away! And remember, this is special
event #2 in one day! (The other was the Osprey Nest.)

Quite a nose-dive coming in for landing!

It sounds just like a prop plane.
Do you see the long tethers the crew grabs to help control the blimp?

Love that American flag!

Those red canisters are fuel cans.

This van transported the fuel cans from the airport gas pumps out to the blimp.

The blimp has several support vehicles that follow it: this semi, the van,
RV's , and motor-homes.


The pilot waves good-bye!

It was such an AMAZING sight!!

I am truly thankful to have had the opportunity to see this -

and the Osprey in the same day!

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Red Door Home said...

Wow! How much fun. I have never seen a blimp in person. This must have been quite the thrill.

InMyOwnStyle said...

Hi Nan-
I have never seen the Goodyear Blimp or any blimp for the matter up close. Wow -your kids must have loved being so close to it. It truly is a once in a lifetime experience. Your photos came out great.

My best- Diane

Nan @ Playful Decor said...

I just can't tell you what an absolute thrill it was! This and the Osprey in the same day!!

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