Little Girly-Girl Rooms

Super cute creative ideas for your little girl's room!

girls bedroom traditional kids

Adding a cornice over the closet makes this room unique!

Orono Residence eclectic kids

Did you notice the ceiling?

Again, a small touch like a cornice adds so much!

Sweet Dreams traditional kids

Just sweet!

And a warmer pink - very different!

Where the fairytale never ends... traditional kids

Girls bedroom traditional kids

LOVE that painted wood ceiling!

Are your wheels turning to create a girly-girl bedroom? Mine are!

....oops, I don't have girls!

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Stacy said...

These are too cute, thanks for compiling these too cute pics :)

Anna said...

Love all of these! I would have been in heaven as child. I was/am very much the girly girl. :)

Moquelish said...

Thanks for posting these. I am redoing 2 girls' rooms right now and I love the inspiration from those rooms.

The Paper Princess said...

Oh my goodness, Nan - I LOVE these bedrooms- I feel like the bear who wants to try out all of the beds! :-)

Thanks for joining me at Create With Joy. I LOVE your blog and am delighted to follow you back!

Look forward to getting to know you!


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