Five Tips Friday - Shopping for Clearance Foods

I am pleased to offer this week's tips from guest writer Regina from the Crazy Nuts Mom blog.  

The Food Network has a special show called
 The Big Waste.
It takes food from restaurants, grocery stores and produce farms that is on its way to the trash to make it into meals for a crowd of people.
I was surprised at how much is actually just thrown own.  Several things went through my head, like WHY CAN’T YOU DONATE THIS FOOD!
I’m sure regulations keep some of it from being donated, but what about the rest? We toss out too much food.  There are people starving and we can’t give it away for a fear of a lawsuit.
But this show got me thinking.  I had always shunned the ‘clearance’ produce cart at the grocery store as it was ‘rotten food’.  My husband had started picking up limes for some concoction of limeade he makes himself on a weekly basis, and getting a bag of limes for $1 seemed smart to him and he spends time squeezing them and freezing in snack cups.
I went shopping recently and frequented the clearance produce cart waiting for me in the back of the produce section by the bulk food section.  It was full of many fruits and veggies that were in need of purchase and eat me now food.
I checked it out and looked for food I thought was acceptable for my family to eat.  I bought potatoes for .39 a pound, apples for .59 a pound. Pineapple cored (40%).
From this, I was able to make 3 batches (3 dozen) apple strudel muffins, potato soup, hash brown casserole, baked potatoes, smoothies with pineapple and pineapple chunks.
Many different recipes can be made with food that is on the rack to go out the door.

Don’t overlook the hidden gems on the reduced rack

1.  Take only what you can use in the upcoming week, unless you are going to freeze or can with it.
2.  Items purchased will be ready to use ASAP and cannot wait for a few weeks.
3.  Have a list of recipes you like to make handy or in your memory (I would have to write them down).
4.  You will have to think on your feet for possible recipes you can make with the ingredient.
5.  When you bring the food home, open and review and sort out any spoiled or rotten food.
This will help you save money, and hopefully you will be able to use a coupon or two on some of the produce (some grocery stores offer online store coupons on produce).


Nan here, so what do you think? 
My store doesn't even have a clearance section for produce so I think I'll ask about it. Have you ever purchased produce from a clearance section? Were you pleased or disappointed? Please share your experiences - and give a shout to Regina at the Crazy Nuts Mom for excellent cost saving ideas!

If you have 5 tips to share please let me know and I'll add 

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