Cheap Myrtle Beach Vacation Review

Hey all! We just got back from a cheapy vacation to Myrtle Beach and thought I'd share some tips, tricks & a surprise. We got a great deal on a flight with Allegiant Air. I cannot say enough about how easy it was! Yay for non-stop flying once again! 

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But - big but -
you have to be able to do it like we did. This means your kiddos are done with strollers, diapers and you'll not be driving so you can leave the car seats behind. Our kids are 7 and 5 and we felt comfortable to leave them behind especially since we would not be renting a car.

We each carried one bag, a purse-size (15x16x7) in accordance with the airlines' instructions. The kids used their school backpacks, hub used a laptop case and I used a cooler tote that doubled as our beach bag. We only took the basics in clothing, a few travel-sized toiletries (no make-up!), hats & sunglasses. By eliminating excess bags & suitcases, we saved on the extra baggage fees, even for carry-ons! 

We decided to not choose our seats on the plane during the booking process saving another fee. This worked out great!  Within 24 hours of flight time you can check-in online and turns out they already assigned seats for us and did a great job. One parent with one child and we were only a row apart, which we would have needed to do anyway. When we arrived at the Myrtle Beach airport, we got the hotel shuttle - free again, though we did give a courtesy tip.  

The resort was large enough to have a few eateries, several pools and mini-golf. We did have a few hiccups with constantly smelling cigarette smoke in the hallway and it coming into our balcony due to a smoker in the room next to ours. We may have to stick with Marriots in the future since they are non-smoking properties. 

Our other frustration was with a few hotel rules about pool towels. That office was only open from 11am to 5pm. Seriously? We're on vacation with kids which means we're at the pools from 9am to 9pm!  And it would have been nice for hub and me to have a drink while watching the kids swim at 9pm, but no, the pool bar closes early.

I think our biggest surprise was eating at Shoney's. The food was really good and healthy! In fact, each place we ate always had good food, even at the resort. After really changing our eating habits to mostly organic foods, I was pleased to find whole-grains, hand-packed real hamburgers and green lettuce at Shoney's. Now, about the decor....

I'd love to hear about your vacation experience! Do tell.... 

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Shannon Milholland said...

What great tips! We're headed to Chicago in a couple of weeks. We will drive there with all four kids and then park the car and ride the trains. I purchased advanced tickets at a fraction of the daily rate and our little two can ride free. We're also planning on taking advantage of free sites such as the Lincoln Park Zoo! :)

Not Your Ordinary Agent said...

I cannot believe there are still "Smoking" rooms. yuck. great tips!

leigh said...

The cigarette smoke would have really bummed me out. I used to be a smoker so now for some strange reason can't tolerate it!
Can't believe how light you traveled! Good for you! I'm impressed :)

Joy said...

We're heading out on vacation starting this week-end. Can't wait! You've inspired me to try something new and see how inexpensively we can do it!

Karen Dawkins said...

You certainly maximized your budget for your vacation! Nice job! How did you select your hotel?


Nan @ Playful Decor said...

Thanks everyone, it became a challenge to see how little we could get by on - and when you think about all the extras we DON'T need, it made the whole trip easier to NOT have so much baggage!

Karen, I can't remember which site I initially used (probably expedia or travelocity or orbitz), but in narrowing it down, the hotel had to have a free airport shuttle, be on the beach, several pools & restaurants since we didn't have a car. I used TripAdvisor for reviews and this was rated higher (7+). I think it should be a 6 for the smoking, lack of staff and less-appealing location.

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