Kids Bedding Deals 9/18

Super cute kids bedding deals for toddlers & kids from Totsy & Olive Kids....

Frog Carrying Case with Blanket
Blanket & carrying case for $5. And here's a froggy chandelier to match.

They also have a monkey and a pink kitty.   

(keep reading, there's a surprise at the end of the post!)

Yellow Zig Zag Tie Chair

For your on-the-go-almost-toddler, this chair tie is BRILLIANT. Too bad my kids are too old for it. (then again, they are still squirmy, maybe they come in big kid sizes!) 

It also comes in green and blue.    

Just $5 for this cute pirate switchplate. from Olive Kids.

Lastly...... I LOVE THIS!!!

 Fuzzy Brown Bear Twin Bed Cover 

Don't you want to jump on it?! How stinking CUTE!!
And perfect for a transition bed! Add a bear light, too.

Who dreams this stuff up? 
Who cares...I want it!

Or, I'm at least making him into my desktop wallpaper!

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